Soaps preview - 23 – 27 July

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Coronation Street
It’s agonising. You knew it had to come out but not this way. Sunita and Karl are finally uncovered. It all kicks off when Sunita is left by Dev to look after the shop. She takes an executive decision about what’s best for sales –and decides to shut up and head to the Rovers to seduce Karl. It’s an interesting decision but we’ll see what profits are like next year.

There’s a real “arrgh” moment though as the two of them get down and dirty just as Stella, Eva and Leanne return to the pub from a girls’ night out. They walk in on the pair doing the nasty and of course, all hell breaks loose.

Stella drags Sunita into the street and slaps her and, when Dev comes out to see what all the noise is about, she leaves him in no doubt about what his wife-to-be has been up to.  She then, of course, kicks Karl out of the pub (is that the fourth time now?).

With nowhere to go, Sunita finally persuades Karl that they should start going out together. But when Dev sees them having a romantic meal at the Bistro (really? Nowhere better to go than the Bistro?), he launches himself at Karl and has to be dragged home. There, he hits the bottle, hard.  Great because now Peter has left, that is what The Street really needs  – another drunk spurned lover.

Also this week: Maria and Jason share a kiss after a cosy date at her flat. But Marcus is worried that it means Maria won’t need him anymore and asks her if he should move back to London.

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Poor old Lucy. With Ian off having a breakdown and looking like a tramp, Lucy has taken on the role of being King of the Beale family and looking after the café, the family and frying fish is understandably beginning to stress her out.

Tanya attempts to help out after becoming concerned about Bobby when he cuts his hand in the café. She tells Lucy that she needs to call Ian but Lucy, showing classic Beale stubbornness, insists she is coping.

But when a mysterious man comes to the Square asking for a “Mr Beale”, stressed out Lucy believes Tanya has sold them out to social services and launches a ferocious attack on her in the Square.
Tanya pours oil on troubled waters and takes the exhausted teen home for a bit of a rest. But they arrive just as the mystery man calls back. It turns out he’s a bailiff, who gives Lucy just two days to find the cash Ian owes or he’ll repossess the house.

Also this week: Lola goes into labour on the day that Billy has to carry the torch through the Square.

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Rachel starts the week nervously opening a pregnancy test. She’s too nervous to look at the results so she asks Ali to do it for her. And guess what? It’s positive.

It’s a shock for her – but it’s even worse for Jai, who has been desperate to keep his factory fling a secret lest it ruin his marriage. She tells him the news – but says not to worry as she has already booked a termination.  He’s grateful and agrees to pay for it.

The next day he hands her cash for the baby – but in between he’s felt Gennie’s baby in her tummy and he’s begun to feel broody. Meanwhile, she’s also having second thoughts. And so on the day of the termination, Jai shows up and tells her to keep the baby.

Rachel agrees – but after a brief moment of pleasure where they’re both relieved that she’s taken the decision, she tells Jai that he has to come clean to Charity. Suddenly Jai is faced with the full force of his decision. What will Charity say? What will Cain say?

Also this week: Cameron pops the question to Debbie. Poor old Chas.