Soaps preview - 17 – 21 December

Kat's lover: The truth is out there on 'EastEnders'! Chas's trial: The truth is nearly out there on 'Emmerdale' and Fiz and Tyrone are nearly caught out there on 'Corrie'.

Stolen kisses: Tina catches Fiz and Tyrone in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
At last! A bit of happiness for poor Tyrone. While Kirsty has organised his surprise 30th (30? Really? Doesn’t seem right somehow) in the pub, Fiz pops round to his with a card and a bit of a scheme and the pair end up snogging.

After, Tyrone plasters on a smile when he realises what Kirsty has done. But after Fiz lies and says she doesn't realise it was his birthday and yet Kirsty finds a card from her, she starts to get suspicious.

There’s no devastation yet for the battered husband-to-be but she does insist he never sees Fiz ever again. Of course, next thing you know he’s taking Ruby round to the café to see her and have a bit of a chat about how their plan is progressing. Unfortunately one of Ruby’s mobile toys falls off her pram (as any new parent will know - this happens a lot).

Who should find said toy later on? Of course, none other than the fiancée from hell. She’s so enraged she ends up leaving Tyrone in hospital – and doesn’t even seem to care. But Tyrone is similarly beyond pain. He and Fiz find a moment and end up sleeping together.

Afterwards, he’s delighted and doesn’t regret it for a minute – but he might do when Tina spots them kissing down an alley. Will she blow their secret? Will the wedding be cancelled?

Also this week: Peter and Nick have a fight at Simon’s Nativity play. If you think this happened last year, it didn’t. It was Becky and Tracy.

Secret's out: Alfie sees the name of Kat's mystery man (Credit: BBC)

How else to warm up for a Walford Christmas other than with a hugely depressing week of misery, betrayal and broken families? Ah, what fun it must not be, living in E20.

Alfie carries on playing Sherlock in a bad shirt to discover who Kat's lover is, with Roxie unwittingly being Watson, when she finds a door key someone has left in The Vic. She puts it in a glass behind the bar – and when Alfie later sees that it is gone, Kat tells him some bloke picked it up.

Unfortunately for Kat, when our friendly detective is rooting around in her jewellery box, he finds the key again and realises that something is badly wrong. He packs an overnight bag and tells her he is off to pick up some cheap booze off a ferry in Portsmouth (This should raise Kat’s suspicions right away – the pound is not strong enough to get a load of cheap booze, but she’s no Holmes).

Anyway, instead of actually going, he waits outside the pub until Kat surfaces - now in heels. He tracks her to a door in George Street and then gets buzzed into the block of flats.

Alfie kicks down the door to the bedsit where Kat is stood waiting for her lover - surrounded by rose petals and candles.
Kat doesn’t give up quite yet – claiming that she has been harassed by the bloke ever since she finished it and has come to the bedsit to end it for once and for all.

But she fails to come up with a name, despite the fact that it’s obvious from the key and her mum’s engagement ring that they both know the man. Alfie decides to wait for the mystery man – but notices the tenancy contract on the bedside table (sexy touch). Alfie makes a grab for it, however Kat suddenly sets it alight in a desperate attempt for the truth to remain concealed. However, as the flames engulf the paper, Alfie sees that the agreement is addressed to 'Mr Branning'…

Also this week: Max is furious when Tanya reveals the truth about Lauren’s car crash.

Court out: Chas faces some tough questions in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

So, Chas finally gets her day in court. Not that she wants it of course. Particularly when people like Debbie are determined to send her to jail so she can pay for having an affair with Cameron.

But even as she begins her testimony, telling Chas exactly what she thinks of her, it doesn’t seem to be working. And then when the defence question her about Carl’s attack, after initial cockiness, she breaks down and describes exactly how she really feels.

With the trial still looking to go either way, Cameron arrives on the stand – and tells the court that he knows that Chas couldn’t have killed Carl – but doesn’t go a step further and say “… because I did!” so hasn’t done enough.

Still, as the jury retires, he is struck by guilt and later on decides to unburden himself of his terrible secret to a fellow villager. But the next morning he realises his confession was a terrible mistake and decides to take it back. The best possible way – by finding the person he confessed to and hitting them on the head with a fence post before tying them up and stashing them in the back of the van. Nice work, Cameron.

Also this week:  Moira bites the bullet and tells Adam about her and Cain