Soaps preview - 14 - 19 October

A massive, massive week as ‘Emmerdale’ celebrates its 40th birthday, Christian and Syed tie the knot (or do they?) on ‘EastEnders’ and much hilarity as Tracy moves in with Steve and Michelle on ‘Corrie’

Brothers in arms: Carl and Jimmy clash in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Live soap episodes, eh? You wait 20 years for them to come along and then three come along in about two years. To celebrate their 40th, ‘Emmerdale’ goes live with a special revolving around Chas and Carl’s and Katie and Declan’s weddings – well, we think so as details are kept top secret.

We do know that it’s Chas and Dan’s wedding day and Chas is desperately trying to keep her nerves in check. Meanwhile, as Debbie nervously awaits her induction in the afternoon, Cameron steals an opportunity to see Chas and offers to deliver the flowers Debbie has bought her. Nice one Cameron.

Chas is dismissive when Cameron worries about what they’re going to do about Carl’s further threats and tells him she’s dealing with it. Chas heads off to see Carl and tells him she’ll run away with him later – after she’s broken up with Dan. But can she keep Carl out of her ceremony?

Meanwhile, Carl is confronted by a furious Jimmy who is boiling with rage because he sold the business to Charity behind his back.  Retorting that Carl has no one left in the world and reminding him the woman he loves is about to marry someone else, Carl punches Jimmy and a full on fight ensues…

Also, Megan swears she’ll get revenge on Declan, Gennie lets out a gasp of pain while undergoing bridesmaid duties and Debbie goes into hospital to have her baby.

Phew. And that’s all before the live episode. For that we’ll leave you what the press office have sent us about the celebration spectacular: “It is an October night in the Yorkshire village and the cries of two babies are set to bring joy to their loved ones. Two wedding celebrations are underway, one full of love and happiness, the other riddled with secrets and lies. Lurking beneath, wrath, betrayal and heartache will shatter the night with an untimely death.”

Cannot wait.

Also this week: A body is found.

Punch drunk: Syed hits out at Danny in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Ah, just when the Masoods are finally working as a family and Syed can get together with Christian in peace – he seems to have ruined it all.

Danny turns up at the stag do, which makes Masood angry – and it’s not good news for Syed – he’s lost the money that Syed invested with him – what a complete banker. Syed punches him and heads off determined to marry Christian. Until he considers what a mess he’s got himself into, that is.

Meanwhile, at the party, Zainab is apologising for everything she has done to Christian in the past and heads outside where she sees Syed. She speaks to him and does more apologising – frankly, we get the picture, even if they don’t.  Syed is touched by her words and a gift of a picture of their family, which includes Christian. Syed stares at the picture and tears form as the guilt of what he has done overwhelms him.  At the end of the night a joyous Christian leaves The Vic and he spots Syed sitting outside alone.  Christian happily states that the next time they see each other it will be their wedding day but Syed, unable to cope with the guilt, tells a stunned Christian he can’t marry him.

The next day Syed comes clean – about the financial mess he’s got himself into. Christian heads to the Argee Bhajee telling him that Syed should only come if he truly loves him.

Time ticks on and Christian is on the verge of calling the whole thing off as Syed arrives. But just as they all raise their glasses, the door suddenly bursts open and four bailiffs walk in. Zainab is horrified as the bailiff announces their mortgage is four months in arrears and they owe £12,000 so they cut off the electric…

After all that, are the Masoods about to lose the Argee Bhajee?

Also this week: Denise has a night of passion with an unexpected  man.

Baby Barlow: Michelle is shocked by Tracy's news (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
Even though the other two soaps have real humdinger plotlines, you must not miss ‘Corrie’ this week. It has some sensational Tracy trouble-making as she drops the public bombshell in the Rovers – announcing to all and sundry that she’s going to be the mother of Michelle’s grandchild.

Before Michelle can launch herself at her, Ryan announces that he’s standing by Tracy and they’ll raise the baby together, whilst accusing Michelle of plotting behind his back to get rid of his child.

As Deirdre gives Tracy and Ryan her support, Steve tries to comfort a devastated Michelle but is in for a shock when she blames him for the whole ugly mess.

Steve, for some reason believing he is the master manipulator of Weatherfield, reckons the only way to solve the problem is for Tracy to move into the flat with them – wow, that is a great plan.

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It does however lead to a lot of amusing farce as the couples try to make each other sick with public displays of affection – and gives Tracy the chance to keep calling Michelle “granny”.

But if that plan wasn’t crafty enough, Steve takes it up a notch. He’s completely convinced that Tracy is using Ryan to come between him and Michelle. So he decides to give Tracy what she wants – without factoring her in on the plan – and he straight out dumps Michelle.  Cunning – or what? Or what, obviously.

Also this week: Audrey is confronted by a face from Lewis’s past.