Soaps preview - 13 – 17 May

Michael Moon is plotting in ‘EastEnders’, Gary takes the inevitable lunge at Tina in ‘Coronation Street’ and Kerry wins babysitter of the year on ‘Emmerdale’.

Coronation Street

We don’t like to say “We told you so”, so it’s a good thing we’re writing this down: Tina, we told you so.  Everyone knew the surrogate thing was going to end up in more complications of the heart than a last ditch effort to save Derek Branning’s life. It was the most obvious invitation for a love triangle since David and Alicia’s sham marriage on ‘Emmerdale’.

And so, inevitably, Gary makes a pass. In fairness to him, it comes after he’s made up with Izzy. Before heading to an army reunion, she forgives him for the money he spent on Tina behind her back and they part on good terms.

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However, when he shows his old squaddie buddies a pic of the two women in his life, they tease him about fancying Tina and he gets really cross. After a row he storms out – and where does he turn for comfort? His beloved girlfriend Izzy? Of course not. No, he heads to Tina’s house and after letting out a brief tired and emotional rant he makes a pass.

Fortunately Tina fights him off. But she’s left in horror at his actions as they change everything. With Gary declaring that his feelings for Tina have become confused, Tina vows that Izzy must never find out if the baby is still to go to a stable home. But is she putting their secret at risk when she confides in Tommy? And will Gary be able to hide his guilt as Izzy showers him with affection?

Also this week:  Stella has to take to mopping floors at The Bistro to make ends meet.


Deadly plan: Michael enlists Alice as he plots against Janine in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Lock up your daughters, stash your belongings and make sure the boxing certificates are safely locked up – Michael Moon has begun plotting!

With the custody battle for Scarlett getting under way it was inevitable that Michael would come up with some scheme or another to try and put one over on Janine. It’s what he does best – coming up with schemes.  The plots themselves might be rubbish but he certainly comes up with them.

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He’s worried about Scarlett when he sees her with a strange woman; however she turns out to be an expensive nanny that Janine has hired. He angrily confronts Janine, who tells him to get used to it and he should be pleased someone is caring for their child.

However, wanting to catch his eye, Alice seizes an opportunity to help him out. In the Square gardens, whilst the nanny is distracted on her phone, Alice takes Scarlett and rushes back to Janine’s, claiming she found her unattended. An angry Janine dismisses the nanny and later allows Alice to take over the job.

Michael is delighted that his little helper is now inside the enemy camp and is determined to use her for all she is worth to get secrets from Janine. But with Alice determined that he will fall in love with her, will he be able to string her along to get the dirt that he needs? Will she end up hurt? And will Janine be able to put up with her as a nanny?

Also this week: Ian gets a shock when Denise turns up at the Mini Mart dressed only in a raincoat! Hot stuff.

Deadly inferno: Kerry puts Jack's life in danger in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)


Soapland is not a great place to bring up babies. Look who Debbie is forced to turn to for childcare when she’s desperate to go out to tout for business – Kerry.

Kerry is already hitting the vodka hard after a fight with Amy (Just what you want from a baby sitter, someone who has just hit her own daughter), when Debbie arrives wanting Andy to look after them.

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To be fair to Debbie, Kerry pretends Andy will be back soon and takes in the youngsters before going back to the vodka.

The inevitable disaster follows when Kerry falls into a drunken slumber and her lit cigarette falls onto a rug. Sarah, unable to rouse her, runs to the pub. But the fire has taken hold and Kerry remains passed out with baby Jack alone upstairs.

Sarah arrives at the pub causing alarm to Cain, Moira, Andy and Amy when she tells them about the scene she has just left. Bob calls the fire brigade as the others arrive to see a wall of smoke and flames.

Through the flames Cain bolts upstairs for Jack, whilst Amy and Andy try to rescue Kerry.  Outside, other villagers worry the fire could spread. As the flames get bigger more lives are put at risk. Will everyone make it out alive and will Kerry get away with her negligence?

Also this week: Sean electrocutes himself while breaking into Brook Cottage.

Soap Arrival
EastEnders – Barbara Windsor
Who's she playing? Peggy Mitchell
When's she starting? Well, that's what we don't know. She's not made any decision yet – but says she misses it and is tempted... more 
Soap Arrival
EastEnders – Barbara Windsor
Who's she playing? Peggy Mitchell
When's she starting? Well, that's what we don't know. She's not made any decision yet – but says she misses it and is tempted to return soon. Watch this space!
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