Soaps preview - 13 – 17 August

Drama! Crisis! Sharon! Heather's murder storyline finally comes to an end on 'EastEnders',  Joseph's christening is overshadowed on 'Corrie', and Chas uses Dan for her own ends on 'Emmerdale'

Emotional entrance: Sharon returns to EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

What a week! It's huge. This should blow those Olympics out of the water. Who needs them when you've got the return of Letitia Dean?

And what an entrance. It comes just as Shirley is getting ready for her engagement party and Phil is trying to deal with Ian, who is on the edge of another breakdown and could be about to grass up Ben for killing Heather.

Not only that, exhausted and fed up of living on his nerves, Ben is tired of the whole story (he's not the only one) and is determined to tell the police the truth. As Phil tries to reason with him, there's a knock at the door. It's Sharon, dressed in a wedding dress!

Sharon is desperate for his help, after she's walked out of her wedding but left her son Dennis behind. Phil, a knight in shining armour (we know, “her potato in grubby jeans” is more accurate but let us have some poetic licence), agrees to help and they track down her wrong 'un fiance Jessie Birdsall.

Jessie Birdsall is furious when he realises she's not going to marry him and runs off, taking Dennis with him, leading to a thrilling car chase and a bit of a punch up.  After doing his one-man A-Team bit, Phil rings Shirley to apologise and tell her how much he loves her.

But his message is not received as it is intended. While he is away, Shirley has been to the B&B and seen the picture frame which killed Heather on the mantelpiece. After a huge shock, she turns detective and traces it back to Jean at the charity shop. She's stunned to discover it came from a bag Phil gave her and comes to the only possible conclusion – Phil killed Heather. But what is she going to do about it? And what will Phil do when he finds out? And is Sharon even going to stay?

There's a lot more coming this week that we're not allowed to talk about. Do not miss it.

Also: Even though Ian is returning to normal, Lucy proves her hard-headedness by making him sign over his business empire (cough) to her.

Baby bombshell: Chesney is shocked by Katy's decision (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
Izzy and Gary are stunned and delighted when Chesney and Katy ask them to be Joseph's godparents.  But their pleasure doesn't last for long – and when Izzy notices Gary's really down, she has it out with him. He tells her that it’s great being a godparent but it’s hardly the same as having a kid of your own is it? Later when they tell Anna the news that they’re going to be godparents she notices their delight is tinged with heartache and suggests a possible solution – adoption.

They fall at the first hurdle however, thanks to Gary's criminal record (we'd almost forgotten he was a bad boy) and they're left desolate again. Desperate to help – Katy makes a surprise proposal: she'll be their surrogate.

Gary's thrilled but at first Izzy won't believe her, only coming round when they book into see Dr Carter. He tells them that it's possible but could cost a lot of money, which Gary pledges to get his hands on. However money isn't the only hurdle standing in their way. There's also the little matter of Owen.

He discovers the plan at Joseph's christening and only Anna holding him back stops him decking Gary.  Meanwhile Chesney’s stunned. This is the first he’s heard of Katy’s plans. The christening party is promptly cancelled.

As Katy looks forlornly at the wasted buffet, Izzy announces Owen’s reaction has helped her make her mind up. She wants to go ahead with the surrogacy. Katy’s thrilled but Chesney’s clearly concerned. He tells Katy that she should have talked the decision through with him first. Later, after a talking to from Anna, Owen comes round to apologise for ruining the christening. But even so, he can't believe they'll go through with their scheme. Can they do it?

Also this week: Steve attempts to placate Tracy in hospital while also dating Michelle. Tough game, Steve.

Ugh. Well, this isn't very dignified. Chas attempts to hit back at Cameron's happiness the only way she knows how – by making him jealous. And the “lucky” recipient of the revenge loving is Dan, who is stunned when she agrees to go for a ride in his van.  He is even more taken aback when Chas makes a move on him but he finally relaxes and they kiss passionately.

The next day Dan admits to Bob that he spent the night with Chas. He is concerned that he has lost a friend as he automatically assumes she will not be speaking to him again. Meanwhile, Priya realises who Chas spent the night with and taunts her but Chas’s attention is elsewhere as she watches Cameron kiss Debbie.

When Chas visits Dan, he assumes she would think spending the night with him was a mistake, so doesn’t hesitate in saying so. He explains he still wants to be friends and Chas is unreadable, taking in Dan’s thoughts. Later in the Woolpack, Chas kisses Dan shocking everyone and announces he is her boyfriend. She looks at Cameron for a reaction but he just stares at her.

Later on, Chas is surprised as Dan explains everyone is happy for them except Cameron. Funny that, eh? Poor Dan. This is not going to end well. Mind you, it never was going to, was it?