Soaps preview - 11 - 15 February

(Accidental) criminal duos abound through Soapland. Ty and Fiz are on the run in ‘Corrie’, Bianca and Kat have a fashion disaster in ‘EastEnders’ and Alicia is tortured (not literally) on ‘Emmerdale’.

On the run: Tyrone and Fiz risk everything in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
Tyrone, Fiz and Ruby have left the warm embrace of Weatherfield for the wilds of Wales, but the cameras have followed them, so you can tell it isn’t a clean getaway. Holed up in a B&B, the North West’s answer to Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid slowly realise that their dream of getting abroad is dying away because of two important factors. 1) they have no money, and 2) they have no passports.

So, after a nail-biting few days on the run, Fiz phones Chesney and arranges for him to bring cash. But with Katy on his back telling him not to get involved, it’s not going to end well, even if he does meet up with them.

And with Kirsty turning on the crocodile tears in a public appeal to see Ruby, it’s inevitable really that Tyrone and Fiz are caught. Fortunately, unlike Butch and Sundance, they don’t go out in a hail of bullets (though it would be one heck of an episode, that) but instead go quietly with Tyrone taking all the blame and heading straight inside to prison.

Once inside, he has a long, hard think about his life (you can see the wheels turning) and makes a big decision about his future with Fiz. Get the tissues ready, is all we’re going to say.

Also this week: Roy is concerned about Sylvia and discovers her being chucked out of a casino. But of course, being a resourceful woman, it’s not long before she’s using his ‘Rainman’-like skills to make them some serious cash.

Fashion police: Bianca has a run in with the law in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

We always knew their partnership was the start of something beautiful – and how right we were.  And so when Bianca and Kat begin selling clothes on the market, they’re an instant hit. Who in their right mind, after all, wouldn’t want to dress like Bianca or Kat?

Indeed the stall comes as a welcome break for both of them – as away from it, Kat is desperately lonely and resorts to calling Alfie on the pretence that Tommy has a temperature. Alfie sees through the lie, but plays along – cause he’s nice like that.

Meanwhile, though a visit from her probation officer goes well, Bianca is astonished to find Liam led up to her door by the police. He’s been playing truant. And the coppers let her know that if he doesn’t stop, she could face jail. Mind you, when she tries to make him understand how it effects her, a huge row begins.

And even the refuge on the market stall doesn’t last long. Bianca gets some stock from an old mate – but if they fly off the shelves, there’s a frock in store for her. It turns out the dresses have been nicked and the police show up to nick her. Thankfully, her partner does the decent thing as Kat steps in to take the blame and save her. But who can Kat turn to for help after she’s arrested? And how will Alfie’s new love Roxy react to that, eh?

Also this week: ‘EastEnders’ writers seem to have moved on from making babies suffer. Their new trend is having men move on incredibly quickly. So just as Alfie was over Kat in about ten minutes,  Zainab left a couple of days ago and this week Masood already seems to be in love with Carol. Strange old world, ‘Enders’.

Wedding plans: Alicia can't avoid David and Priya in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)


Poor old Alicia. As if watching her fake husband and real love of her life David getting engaged to Priya wasn’t bad enough – then they decide to head to Home Farm to see if they can have their wedding there (seems just a tad unlikely, but hey ho - has anyone in Walford ever had a reception that wasn’t in the Queen Vic?). Who has to show them round and indeed be their wedding planner? Why Alicia of course.

Ever the professional, she’s determined to put a brave face on it, so with a smile more fixed than Sylvia’s poker nights, she gives the lovey-dovey couple the grand tour of the facilities.

Though David looks like he might back down at any moment, Priya and Alicia push each other to the brink as the couple decide that Home Farm is the right place for them.

Later, while David tries once again to make friends with Jacob, Alicia surprises him with some big news. She’s going to get an annulment, so he can get on with his real marriage. But the look on his face is enough to see that David isn’t perhaps as keen as he should be…

Also this week: Katie moves out on Declan to try and get some space. Shame.

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