Soaps preview - 1 – 5 Oct

A surprising kiss on ‘Corrie’, a break in on ‘Emmerdale’ and Kat and Alfie return to ‘EastEnders’.

Shock kiss: Maria and Marcus lock lips in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
Marcus and Maria have been getting on pretty well, so it’s no surprise that he works out something is up when she snaps at Jason, who is pushing her to let him move in and take their relationship to the next level. She breaks down and reveals to Marcus that she’s found a lump on her breast and has to go in for tests.

Marcus is a rock for her and accompanies her in secret to the hospital. He even reassures her enough to explain to Jason – now concerned she’s seeing someone else – what is really going on. And by the way, asking him to wait a week before he moves in.

Jason is concerned but he’s also hurt when Maria won’t let him come to the hospital to get the results. On that day she leans further on Marcus to get through. Jason wishes her luck and Marcus holds her hand while she hears the news.

Afterwards, she pours her heart out to Marcus and tells him he’s one of the most important people in her world and it’s clear that their relationship is about to develop in a way neither of them could have expected. Suddenly they’re drawn together and snogging.

They’re interrupted by Jason’s ring at the door and attempt to rationalise the kiss, saying it meant nothing. But it’s clear, as Marcus heads out clubbing with Aiden, that he has something on his mind. And while Maria tells Jason to move right in, right away, she’s clearly not able to forget the smooch ever happened.

Also this week: Kirsty stops Tyrone running off with Ruby by showing him that she hasn’t put his name on the birth certificate. Poor old Ty.

Bad pennies: Kat and Alfie return to EastEnders again (Credit: BBC)

They’re back! They’re fired! And homeless! Kat and Alfie’s night-time escape in an attempt to save their marriage may have put a plaster over the open wound of their marriage but it don’t impress Phil much. He makes like a boozier Lord Sugar and tells them they’re fired. He’s taking over The Vic and they have to move out.

Kat is guilt-stricken, knowing that if she and Alfie hadn’t gone away, they wouldn’t be losing The Vic. But as Kat tells Alfie this she receives a text and although it is innocent, it is clear Alfie still has serious trust issues despite her protesting that she will not go back to her lover.

Later Alfie watches her talking to Michael from across the Square, wondering if Michael was the one Kat had the affair with.  Alfie’s paranoia is further fuelled when Kat reveals she spoke to Michael the night they left for their holiday and he can’t stop himself from asking if it was Michael who she was having a relationship with. Kat assures him it wasn’t but Alfie can’t stop himself from crumbling as he tells her he doesn’t think he can carry on like this.

It’s no surprise really, as later on Kat receives an envelope with a key in it from whichever Branning brother has taken leave of his senses. Will she succumb to her urges? Or will she stay with Alfie (for the next week or so?) Will this plot ever get wrapped up?

Also this week: Lola gets in with a gang from her children’s home, goes shoplifting and then ends up in prison for assault when she tries to sever connections with the gang.

Holding a torch: Cameron agrees to help Chas with the robbery (Credit: ITV)


With the rather grimly ridiculous storylines going on elsewhere, it’s good of ‘Emmerdale’ to supply us with a bungled robbery and blackmail plot. We begin with Carl tightening the screws on Cameron, telling him that he’s got to get his cash or he’s going to tell Debbie everything.

Chas comes back from holiday to find Cameron fuming that she hasn’t got in touch and desperate for the cash. After a threatening phone call from Carl telling her to steal the pub takings, Chas decides Cameron is going to have to do it.

So she “forgets” to lock up the cashbox and Cameron arrives to pinch it – only to find it has already gone. Has he been set up? (Yes). In the end, he has to sell the only thing that’s dear to him – his van - to pay off Carl.

But there’s another twist – when Chas delivers the cash to Carl, she’s amazed when he breaks down and says that it wasn’t about the money – he’s convinced that they should be together. Chas is shocked and horrified – but it’s clear that something in what he says resonates with her.

Also this week:  Rishi discovers a scan of Jai and Rachel’s baby and works out that he’s the father.