Soaps preview - 9 - 13 April

Coronation Street
It’s been coming for quite a long time. But that doesn’t mean it’s right. Sunita ends up in a passionate clinch with Karl. With both their marriages in tatters, the pair have sought solace in each other’s arms.

Dev promises that he is going to treat Sunita better but of course being Dev, he inevitably doesn’t, and goes off on a golf holiday. Being taken for granted by Dev leads to her wanting to be taken by  Karl.

Karl, meanwhile, is unhappy after being kicked out of the pub for gambling. And so, when Sunita offers a shoulder, he’s there with the tears to spill all over it. Of course, with all these emotions, one thing is bound to lead to another…

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But before anything can go too far, Stella turns up and nearly catches them. By selling his signed football shirt to help the pub, Karl has worked his way back into her good books.

And so the next day he tells Sunita he can’t keep seeing her and he is going to give his marriage another go. But can he keep it together for any length of time? Or will Sunita be another big gamble for him?

Also this week: After he’s banned his son from seeing Leanne, Ken goes behind Peter’s back and takes Simon to see her.

It’s poor Heather’s funeral. And even if she’s resting in peace, the rest of the Square certainly isn’t. At an emotional service, enlivened, it has to be said by Shirley’s gloriously inappropriate mourning outfit, there’s trouble for Jay and Ben who have been asked to do readings and can barely control their guilt.

Ben also nearly cracks when he has to have a session with a psychiatrist, so the CPS can see whether he should stand trial for perverting the course of justice over his whole ridiculous Phil story.  Under pressure, he admits that he feels evil but falls just short of letting out the truth.

Meanwhile, Jay gets an awful shock when Shirley tells him she’s told the police Heather’s picture frame is missing and is the probable murder weapon.

With them on edge and Phil trying desperately to keep everything together and under wraps, there’s a nasty surprise at the wake, when none other than DS Crisp (Yes. The Real McCoy) arrives to ask if he can have a word with Mr Mitchell and make an arrest. But which Mitchell?

Also this week: Jean hears Roxy telling Alfie they could sack her to save The Vic money. And Michael finally agrees to sign Janine’s pre-nup.

For Heaven’s sake Chas.  As we’ve previously discussed, you’re Debbie’s Aunt. And she’s pregnant. And there you are getting it on again with her boyfriend Cameron.

To be fair to Chas, she’s been trying to hide her feelings for Cameron for weeks. And after a girl’s night out with Charity she even manages to pull another bloke and bring him home.

Seeing her fella, the green eyed monster hits Cameron in a big way and he can’t help showing it. So Cameron is delighted when he discovers she sent him home without even touching him. And that delight leads further when they find themselves alone in the Woolpack cellar (well, if you’re in a location that romantic, what else can you do?).

Before you know it they’re ripping off each other’s clothes and snogging. But after the dirty deed is done, they both feel very cheap and nasty and insist that they can’t keep seeing each other.

You’ll be amazed to hear that the very next day, they’re casting longing looks at each other again and guess what? They’re at it again. This will not end well. It will not end well at all.

Also this week: Katie walks out on Declan following a row about Gaynor Faye. He tries to win her back and apologises but she will take some winning over.