Soaps preview – Mon 9 – Fri 13 July

Coronation Street

Guess what? Peter’s got an excuse to get steaming drunk and self pitying! What a surprise. When Weatherfield’s James Dean wannabe hears that Leanne is thinking of moving Simon to get away from him, it could be the final straw that broke the Camel smoker’s back.

The trouble begins because Peter remains in a jealous rage over Nick and ends up lumping him because he’s worried that he’s becoming more Simon’s dad than he is. What a terrific way to show parenting skills.

This leads to –surprise, surprise – Peter going on a drinking binge. And a drunken row with Carla during which he tells her she’ll never be as important to him as Simon is. Cruel. (Particularly given how annoying Simon is). He then drunkenly ends their relationship. Nice going Peter.

He later staggers onto the cobbles where he proceeds to have a row with Ken about how much he’s drinking. Furious that someone might think he likes a drop he staggers away.

The next day he’s not been seen and the only contact anyone has with him is a frantic message left on Carla’s phone. Even Leanne begins to worry.  So when the police show up saying that a body matching Peter’s description has been found in the canal, the whole Street is panicking that he has lost it and taken his own life.

Also this week:  When Tyrone helps out fixing Fiz’s boiler, instead of answering his phone to Kirsty who is suffering with stomach pains, there’s trouble on the horizon. Is he ever going to deal with her rage issues properly?

Haven’t the Mitchells been getting on reasonably well recently? That can only mean one thing, can’t it? Yes, they’re about to explode and start rowing.  And when Jay finds out that Troubled Teen Ben has hidden the murder weapon that killed Heather, things get really nasty.

It’s a real let down that they fall out because they’re on such good terms.  Jay protects Ben to Phil, pretending he’s a really good driver. And then the pair of them and Shirley have a fun day out at a race – which Jay lets Troubled Teen Ben win.

Later they make a massive profit on selling the car, which Jay pretends to Phil was all down to Troubled Teen Ben driving a hard bargain – even though it wasn’t at all. But when Jay goes to hide the money he’s made he discovers something rather nasty under Troubled Teen Ben’s bed (Our advice: never look under a teenage boy’s bed).

Wrapped in a pillow case he finds the picture frame that ended Heather’s life. Ben has lied to him all along about disposing of it.

The next day he remains disgusted to his very core about the betrayal. He confronts his cousin about the murder weapon – Troubled Teen Ben starts to make excuses but none of them ring true, so Jay heads into the police station. Are we finally, finally going to see the end of the Heather murder plot?

Also this week:  There’s a surprise in store for Masood when his younger brother AJ arrives on the Square.

Who thought that Alicia’s sham marriage would end well then? Hands up? Nope, us neither.  But we didn’t think things would go so badly wrong so quickly. Before she’s even faced sentencing for assaulting Val.

While making a video for Jacob to watch, in case she gets sent down, Alicia opens up about her relationship to David, who just happens to be filming. She admits that she loves him and that she married him despite the fact her ex Justin had decided not to fight her for custody of Jacob anyway.
David is stunned. He feels like she’s conned him – just as badly as her sister Leila did and instead of falling into her arms, he runs away.

He returns on the day of her sentencing to deliver some bad news. He never had any feelings for her at all. Not in that way. He just thought they were best mates.  And so, as she stands in court, awaiting to hear what is in store for her, she begs David not to tell Pollard so at least Jacob will be looked after. But will she be sent down?

Also this week: Zak is back from the hospital and feeling better but a confrontation with the loan sharks sends him back into a fit of anxiety.