Soaps preview – Mon 29 October – Fri 2 November

Ken’s night to forget on ‘Corrie’, Christian’s in bother on ‘Enders’ and a funeral meltdown on ‘Emmerdale’.

Old flame: Wendy makes a move on Ken in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
Is Ken Barlow too old to change his ways? We’re starting to worry about him. He storms out after yet another row with Deirdre and guess where he ends up the next day? Hungover on a sofa… belonging to Wendy Crozier.

She’s offered him dinner and a shoulder to cry on and he takes it – any port in a storm. But fortunately Wendy’s harbour remains calm as when Ken wakes up the next day, he realises nothing has happened.

In fact, he’s so confident in himself he arranges for a quiet drink for himself, Deirdre and Wendy to prove that nothing is going on. Deirdre is suspicious but agrees – but things go well enough and there are no catfights – apart from Deirdre giving Wendy yet another warning to stay away from her man.

Unfortunately, when he goes to drop Wendy back home, Ken has been so irresistibly charming, Wendy can’t resist making a move on him. He’s sensible enough to run away – but the spurned educationalist won’t let it lie.

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The next day she turns up at the Barlow house and announces to Deirdre that he made an inappropriate move on her. Come on Deirdre, have faith – believe in your man.

Also this week: On the way to the hospital, with Gary and Izzy waiting, Tommy finally cracks. He stops the car and tells Tina to choose between him and the money she’s getting for being a surrogate. Tina is pretty set on that cash, Tommy.

Dirty tricks: Christian finds himself in trouble in 'Enders (Credit: BBC)

Ah, Gary Lucy’s Danny. He came, he saw, he ruined Christian and Syed and the Argee Bhagee. Of course, being pressured by Danny for their cash, Christian and Syed respond in the most adult way possible. They try to ignore him. But these city types are persistent and when Christian has gone to work, Danny sneaks round to bother Syed.

Syed sends him away -  but not before Roxy has seen them talking and – innocently enough -  passes on the news to Christian. Furious Christian lures Danny to the gym in order to give him a stern talking to. He warns him off Syed and says that it’ll take more than a kiss to come between them now.

At this, Danny can’t resist pointing out that it was more than a kiss that he and Syed got up to. That’s the final straw for the not very forgiving Christian, who throws a punch and the pair begin a fight.

Later on, Syed is distressed to see his lover’s face all bashed up – particularly when Christian tells him he’s been mugged. But his looks could be the least of his problems when two policemen turn up to arrest Christian – for Grievous Bodily Harm. It turns out Danny has made a complaint to the police and intends to get his revenge by sending Christian down.

Also this week: Big week for ‘Enders. Lauren and Joey give in to passion. And desperate to try and save Lexi for Lola, Phil attempts fraud by pretending that Sharon is his fiancée. But will Sharon scupper his plans when she finds up what he is up to?

Final farewell: The villagers gather to say goodbye to Carl in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Jimmy never has been the most grounded of characters – and now that Carl has gone he’s starting to come apart at the seams. (Small insider fact: This is easy to portray for Nick Miles, who plays him, as he is feeling genuine loss as he used to share a dressing room with Tom Lister) .

He attempts to deal with the arrival of Carl’s kids Thomas and Anya – skirting around the issue of their dad’s death – only for Cain to blunder in and tell them he was murdered by Chas after attempting to rape her.

After hitting the booze, Jimmy finally unburdens himself of his big secret about Carl. He tells Nicola that Carl killed his dad Tom – and that he won’t go to the funeral.

But on the big day, he has a change of heart and delivers a moving speech. Unlike, however, Thomas who tells the stunned crowd exactly thinks about his dead dad.

Also this week: Cameron decides to stay in the village and wait for Chas, despite the fact that Debbie sets fire to his belongings and Cain will probably kill him. Has he suddenly turned brave?