Soaps preview – Mon 26 – Fri 30 November

Tyrone suffers the worst attack yet at the hands of Kirsty on ‘Corrie’, Derek to the rescue in ‘EastEnders’ and Katie’s in deep, deep trouble on ‘Emmerdale’.

Vicious attack: Tyrone suffers at the hands of Kirsty (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
How long have we been bemoaning the fate of Tyrone at the hands of Kirsty? As long ago as April believe it or not. Normally in soapland this would have been all fixed by now, so credit to the writers for slowly escalating this into a living nightmare for Tyrone.

Their latest problems are sparked when Kirsty finds messages on Tyrone’s phone from Fiz and so takes his phone and locks him in the house. When she returns he finds his phone in her bag and a blazing row erupts – and ends with her lashing out.

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It’s her worst attack yet and leaves him battered and bruised on the floor. And this time even after her rage subsides she doesn’t apologise – she just demands that Tyrone stay away from Fiz.

Left alone, Tyrone contemplates a bottle of painkillers but Ruby’s crying makes him realise he must save both of them. He takes her and asks Tommy to help him abscond – but at the bus station Fiz talks him round – he’ll be chased down and caught by the police. And anyhow, she has a new plan. If he gets married to Kirsty he can fight for rights to Ruby.

But can he see it through? Or will he just run off with his beloved daughter?

Also this week: Rita is humiliated when Dennis’s spending means she can’t use her credit card.

Unlikely hero: Derek comes to the rescue in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)EastEnders
Joey manages to get free from the wreckage of the car – but panics when he sees the flames licking around the edge of the bonnet. He’s trying to pull Lauren from the car – but answers the phone when Alice calls (Um, are you sure Joey?)  and tells her to ring for an ambulance.

Lauren comes round – but panics when she realises she’s trapped. Fortunately, Joey pulls her out – but now they’re both trapped inside a shop with a car that’s on fire – a rare shop-based situation that is even worse than last-minute Christmas shopping.

It’s not long before Derek has reached them and he desperately tries to move the debris for them to get out but within seconds of them getting to safety, the car explodes throwing them all to the floor.

While they wait for the police and fire engines to arrive, Derek persuades them to lie and say that Joey was driving, because otherwise Lauren will be sent to prison for drink-driving.

But cunning scheme that it is, it does of course give Derek some excellent blackmail material to hold over his son. When they’re alone, he tells Joey he needs to tell Alice the truth – that Derek didn’t hit him and not only that, he has to move back in and act like a respectful son. Either that or he will have Lauren sent to jail.

Suspicious Tanya tackles Derek, asking why he was covering for Lauren. Tanya tells him to stop meddling in her daughter’s life but Derek turns, telling Tanya what he thinks of her and he warns her not to cross him or he will tell the police the truth.

Shaken by Derek’s threat, Joey goes into Lauren’s room and tells her that he lied when he told her he loves her. Sickened, but with no choice, Joey leaves the room leaving Lauren heartbroken.

Also this week: Alfie jets off to Germany to stock up for his Christmas market – and as he leaves someone arrives to talk to Kat.

Well, well: Katie's still trapped in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)
It's a good thing that they breed those Sugdens tough because stuck down the mineshaft Katie is going to need every ounce of her strength.

She’s injured and afraid but determined to find her own way out, slurping desperately at any water she can find. But water might be her worst enemy as the rain begins to fall and it starts to seep into the tunnel.

Meanwhile, above ground, the rescue workers are searching desperately but without any luck, much to Declan’s frustration. They have to go slow because the tunnel is close to collapse. And a candlelit vigil doesn’t cheer him up – he becomes angry towards everyone for behaving like it is a wake. 

The next day, it looks like the end of the road for Katie. She’s slipping in and out of consciousness and is too weak to even call out. But just at the darkest moment she sees a patch of morning light. Can she make it? Or will she be walking towards a light of a different kind?

Also this week: Moira and Cain can’t keep their hands off each other. For some reason.