Soaps preview – 8 – 12 October

Ken is up to his old tricks again on ‘Corrie’-  or is he? , Syed’s pre-wedding fling on ‘Enders’ and festival fever hits ‘Emmerdale’.

Caught out: Rita and Deirdre follow Ken to his ex-lover's home (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
He’s a good looking man Ken Barlow, even though he’s no spring chicken, so it’s no surprise that Deirdre thinks she’s got to keep her eye on him.

She turns detective after Ken is not too keen on her birthday card and heads off to open a special present given to him by former lover Wendy Crozier. He later calls her to thank her and she invites him over.

Ken leaves for Wendy’s telling a suspicious Deirdre he has another meeting with Brian, whilst she clocks his new cufflinks. When Deirdre bumps into Brian and asks him how the meeting went it’s clear Brian has no idea what Deirdre is talking about and that Ken has lied again.
As Deirdre sees Ken head for a cab she collars Rita, who’s getting into her car, and the pair follow him. When Ken arrives at his destination Deirdre is in for the shock of her life – he’s meeting Wendy.

Later on, she confronts him and he insists there’s nothing going on – but poor Deirdre is inconsolable. Twenty years on and the name “Wendy Crozier” is like a knife to the heart. She tells him to stuff his birthday drinks – and while he heads to the pub, she goes on a mission – to confront Wendy. 

When Ken arrives home he finds Deirdre shaken by her encounter with Wendy. Bracing herself she offers him an ultimatum – to choose between her and the school board. What will Ken do?

Also this week: Upset that Ryan and Michelle are friends again, Tracy throws a cat among the pigeons  and announces that she is pregnant.

Final fling: Syed plays a risky game ahead of his wedding in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Syed! You’re about to get married. What are you doing hanging around looking longingly at the undeniably handsome Gary Lucy?

Christian is already angry with Syed when he discovers that he’s not posted the invites he said he would a week ago – and Syed is forced to win him round by booking the romantic honeymoon in Paris. But it’s a honeymoon that might never happen as Syed is stony broke and has been cooking the books as well as curry in the ArgeeBhajee.

With his money worries clouding his thinking, Syed arranges to meet the man who could save him – Danny – to ask for a loan. But the interest Danny shows isn’t necessarily in Syed’s business assets. A talk about money woes turns into an emotional heart to heart and before you know it Syed is eating Danny’s face.

Later, things get even steamier when Danny follows Syed outside the club and the two embark on a passionate grope.  What they don’t realise is that Masood is on the other side of the street and watching every second.

He’s wanted to split his son up from Christian for so long. Now he has the ammunition to do just that – but will he pull the trigger?

Also this week:  Derek goes on to tell Denny the truth about his dad’s murder.  Plus, Derek is furious when Alice is attacked and mugged from her mobile phone

Star attraction: The Proclaimers headline the festival in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

All together now “And I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more…” That’s right. Get your wellies on and your baby wipes out – festival fever has hit Home Farm.

Declan doesn’t let the success of the festival  (After all, what could be more likely to sell out on a cold October than a festival on the Yorkshire Dales?) detract him from what becomes his main mission – ripping off his sister Gaynor Faye.

He’s furious when she refuses to move out with Robbie and so works out a plan whereby his fiancée Katie can sue him for all the ticket revenue because the noise is bothering the horses and then they can have it all to themselves.

Katie agrees to the scheme surprisingly quickly and instructs her solicitors to begin a case. But even as Dermot takes to the stage to introduce The Proclaimers, there’s a hitch appearing in his scheme. Robbie is snooping around his office and finds evidence of the plan.

Can he tell his mum in time and stop the rip off going ahead?

Also this week: Carl reveals a way that Chas can take all the money that it turns out he stole from the pub.