Soaps preview – 7-11 May

Coronation Street
Oh, Tommy. Didn’t we tell you not to get involved with Terry? We did. We told you not to. This week Terry’s plans fall apart in a big way – and poor Tina ends up caught in the crossfire, fighting for her life.
The week begins with Tina terrified by a loan shark bursting into the flat looking for more money from Terry. She’s even more scared when she realises it’s Rick, the same villain who tormented her father.

When Tommy and Terry get back she’s furious and rails at them – explaining that Rick was the man who drove her own father to death. Tommy is mortified and demands that Terry get Rick off their back. Terry’s plan? To set fire to the club and claim on the insurance.
Tina demands that he comes up with a better plan but he’s determined to go ahead. Tina can't believe Tommy's going ahead with Terry's scheme but Tommy argues that they have no choice. As Terry heads to the Rovers to create his alibi he tells Tommy he'll leave a gas heater in the bar, all he has to do is switch it on and help it set fire to the curtains. But as Terry makes a show of himself in the pub Tina rushes out.

Finding Tommy about to start the fire she begs him not to do it as she knows where this kind of harebrained scheme can lead and she can't face losing another person she loves.  Tommy agrees and leaves but when Terry finds out Tina has interfered it’s a different story. There’s a tussle and suddenly Tina lies on the ground bleeding from her head.

She’s rushed to hospital and while doctors try to save her, Terry blames the whole thing on Rick. Can she make it? And will Tommy finally see through his awful dad?

Also this week: Lesley passes away whilst in the care of Eileen. Oh, boy.

Derek shows his softer side (Are they trying to change his character after all the complaints?) when, as Carol and the kids prepare to leave Walford to be closer to Bianca, he scours the market looking for presents (here’s a tip: Tube to Piccadilly, go to Hamley’s).

On his way back he runs into a girl who stares at him before running off. Later, he shows how he’s really, really a family man when he tries to manoeuvre Morgan into staying with Ray by telling him what a great time he’ll have. But his machinations fail to work when Ray, after initially fighting for his child, realises it is not fair to make Morgan choose.

At The Vic, Derek drowns his sorrows and, as he has a go at Ray, he notices the same girl again and he quickly goes after her as she runs out. Derek angrily confronts her wanting to know who she is but he is shocked when she reveals she is his daughter - Alice.
She runs off but accidentally leaves her phone, allowing Derek to get in touch with her. She doesn’t want anything to do with him initially but he turns on the Branning charm (ahem) and she agrees to have lunch with him.  Can Derek, who has become a devoted family man in the space of one episode, persuade her to stick around?
Also this week: Lauren spends the night in hospital after getting wasted drunk.

Zak goes on an increasingly confused rampage that scares the death out of the Dingles. He begins by turning up at Belle’s school for no reason. And when he’s questioned by a teacher, he throws a punch. The police are called and Zak takes off.
Still believing he’s got cancer, Lisa is at her wits’ end when he doesn’t show up later. Little does she know that he’s wandering around the North Yorkshire Moors, lost and confused. Everyone is in a panic about him – except for Cain, of course.
But perhaps because inside, he knows him better than anyone, Cain does go looking for his dad in the end and finds him. He hears Zak having imaginary conversations with dead son Shadrach and realises he’s having a breakdown. He pounces into action and grabs Zak just as he’s about to disappear off the edge of a high-up ledge. They wait until an air ambulance appears for a dramatic rescue.
But what is up with Zak? Can Cain forgive him now? And how will his family react when they realise his problems are not physical at all?
Also this week: Rachel is jealous when she spies Holly and David having a drink together.