Soaps preview – 7 – 11 January

A week from hell for Nick on ‘Corrie’, Kat tries to get back on track on ‘Enders’ and Alicia tries to move on in ‘Emmerdale’

You're nicked: Peter is floored in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
It’s fair to say that this is an interesting time for Nick. First, perhaps thinking that it is the time of year to get in shape, he kicks off a boxercise class with Peter. Well, actually, the pair have a massive fight after Peter goads him about being Leanne’s second choice. The fight ends with Nick locked in The Bistro, where concerned Leanne finds him.

Finally, able to unburden himself, Nick pours his heart out telling Leanne how much he loves her but how much she hurt him. Realising the depth of his pain, and hating herself, Leanne decides to leave Weatherfield, rather than cause him any more pain.

And that’s not the only thing he’s got to deal with. After Kylie’s tasted some milk that tasted funny (dead giveaway, apparently) she takes a pregnancy test and realises she’s up the duff. But is the baby David’s or horror of horrors – could it be Nick’s?

When she heads round to tell him her big news, it’s probably the last thing he wants to hear. Well, apart from anything from Peter at all.

Also this week: Sophie makes a move on her physio Jenna – but the kiss lands Jenna in hot water with Kevin, who accuses her of abusing her position.

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Cleaning up: Kat starts a new job in the Queen Vic (Credit: BBC)

New Year, new you. What better way to get your life on track than finding a new job? And what better job can you get than, erm, cleaning the R&R? So Kat enquires right away when she sees the position vacant. But when Bianca arrives, Sharon sets up a trial for them both. Whilst cleaning the toilets, Bianca remarks about how things have changed for Kat but knowing beggars can't be choosers, Kat is determined and she ends up landing the job.

However when she sees how gutted Bianca is, Kat comes up with an idea and she heads over to see Bianca and offers her half of the work Sharon has given her.  Bianca is thrilled and ends up inviting Kat in. Excellent. This could be a formidable female pairing – and when they inevitably fall out, the fight will be awesome.

Meanwhile, Alfie – who is totally over her - runs into Kat at the Minute Mart and, even though it is clear she is struggling financially, she declines his offer of help. Roxy watches their encounter with growing disquiet, but later hatches a plan filled with good intentions - Kat and Bianca could take on the cleaning at The Vic.

This is obviously a terrific idea and one that Kat would obviously jump at. I mean, seriously? Who do ‘EastEnders’ writers think we are? One week after a shattering break-up and she’s back cleaning the bogs? Anyway, it all goes wrong - inevitably - and Kat ends up getting drunk and rowing with Roxy in a vodka-fuelled meltdown. Will Alfie stick up for his new beloved again?

Also this week: A cocky newcomer arrives in The Square by the name of Dexter – and Abi takes quite a shine to the young man.

Unhappy marriage: Alicia and David tell Jacob the truth in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

When David arrives back from holiday, and Jacob witnesses him kissing Priya, things start to get a bit odd. Alicia decides to reveal the truth about their marriage to her son. They explain that they love each other but not in the way a husband and wife do.

Jacob is upset and everything David says seems to make it worse as his little buddy is convinced he doesn’t want anything to do with him. Alicia is so upset that she decides it is time to move out.

Val reluctantly agrees to let Alicia and Jacob stay at the barn for a few days as the B&B is full, but she is unimpressed when Pollard explains it was a sham marriage.

Later, at the pub, Priya and Alicia make sly digs at each other and David approaches a miserable Jacob in the playground. David despairs at making things worse as he suggests Jacob come and stay with him sometime.

Alicia puts a distraught Jacob to bed and Val comforts her when she sobs, heartbroken, saying she loves David more than ever. No one is happy with this situation, are they?

Also this week: When she receives a phone message from Carl, it seems Chas is being haunted from beyond the grave.