Soaps preview – 6 – 10 May

David’s under the weather on ‘Corrie’, Kat saves Roxy on ‘Enders’ and David cements a love triangle on ‘Emmerdale’.

Coronation Street
It’s a tough old time for David. He’s slogging his guts out at work. As well as pampering pensioners at the Salon, he has taken on Kylie’s shifts at the Bistro so she can relax and get on with being pregnant.

But it all seems worth it when he gets to feel the baby kick. He’s so pleased to feel the little mite hitting out he calls his brother Nick over to cop a feel too. Which is unfortunate because the last time Nick started stroking Kylie could have resulted in the baby.

Blissfully innocent of the awkward moment, despite the warnings from Gail that he’s taking on too much, David carries on working double shifts. He’s happy to do anything to make sure Kylie is at home and their unborn child is safe from harm.

But the work starts to get to him and he snips Dennis’s ear and is sent home by Audrey – forced to have a day off. Unfortunately he uses the time to take Max and Joseph out for a walk where he suddenly has an epileptic fit and falls unconscious to the floor, leaving the kids in danger.

Nick races to the park to help his stricken brother. Will he get there in time?

Also this week:  Izzy and Gary continue to row as Gary insists the only reason he spent £200 on Tina was to show his gratitude.

Surprise alibi: Kat comes to Roxy's aid in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

There’s nothing we like more than an unlikely friendship, a sort of reunion and a strong woman riding to the rescue and this week in Walford we’re blessed with all three.  And who would have thought that Kat and Roxy could ever be pals? Well, if a week is a long time in politics, in Soapland it’s an eternity.

At the start of the week, the two girls are at loggerheads. Alfie is annoyed at Roxy when he finds out that Kat knows they are trying for a baby. Kat insists she’s fine but Alfie can tell she is hurt.

Later, The Vic is packed and Kat offers to help behind the bar but Roxy politely declines. And shortly after, Roxy loses her temper with Kat when she steps behind the bar to stop Jozef, one of Ian’s contractors, who was about to rob the till.

Even though she’s saved them a till worth of cash, Roxy explodes and tells Kat that it isn’t her place anymore and asks her to leave.  As Kat leaves, Roxy immediately regrets how she reacted and she’s about to go after Kat but is distracted by the busy pub.

Later, when she’s putting the cash in the safe Roxy is terrified to see Jozef standing behind her.

Fearing for Amy, Roxy threatens Jozef but just as he tells Roxy to give him the money, Kat bursts in. Hurrah! Who wouldn’t be delighted to see Kat at a moment like that?

She soon talks Jozef out of his crime and sends him off on his merry way to suffer the ultimate indignity – being ordered around by Ian.

Roxy thanks Kat for her help and realising how shook up she is, Kat insists on helping behind the bar whilst Roxy settles Amy. The pair go on to work arm in arm together to the delight of Jean and the entire viewing public. Now, perhaps even Alfie can move on.

Also this week: Lauren goes in for a snog with Tyler. Sure to be a good move, that.

Romantic encounter: David and Alicia snuggle up in The Woolpack toilet (Credit: ITV)

The reverberations from Rishi’s decision to pretend to be the father of baby Archie cause more problems than anyone imagined. Priya is so upset by her dad’s “infidelity” that she can’t talk to him and begins to distrust everyone. Indeed she’s so angry she has a go at Rachel in the street and when Alicia tries to calm them down Priya slaps her.

When David intervenes again, Priya is furious. If she can’t trust her dad and her husband-to-be takes his ex’s side, what hope is there for their marriage (none, but there wasn’t anyway).

Suddenly the wedding is off – Priya can’t go through with it, it’d be a sham. Which is a shame because they’re David’s favourite types of weddings. Anyway, downhearted David begins to drink.

It’s not long before Alicia arrives for a date with Dom looking stunning and the inevitable occurs. David admits he has feelings for her in the pub toilets. The Woolpack is full of those special moments. Cameron and Chas in the cellar, now this. There’s romance and there’s the back bits of the Woolpack.

Also this week: Cameron has still failed to dig up his body – and a trainer is discovered.