Soaps preview – 4 – 8 June

Coronation Street
So, Rita and Dennis are going to tie the knot. Surely this is one soap couple that can get hitched without a hitch? Of course not. The problem isn’t one of the classic soap issues of cold feet or affair revealed on the way to the altar though - it’s that Rita gets kidnapped on the morning of the ceremony.

The problem is, you see, that Tina discovers Tommy is doing one last job for Rick to pay off the gangster. He’s going to smuggle drugs for him. But when she can’t persuade him to stop and call the police she nicks the stuff and locks Tommy in the garage.

Suddenly liberated and so angry she’s not scared of Rick, she phones him and tells him to meet her at the Red Rec or she’ll destroy the drugs. Rick arrives on time – but he’s brought Rita with him. She was worried about Tina and accepted Rick’s polite offer to help find her. So it’s a serious Mexican stand off, with Tina holding the bag of drugs and Rick threatening Rita.

Someone is going to be the action hero and save the day. And it’s really not who you expect.

Also this week: Peter discovers that Simon has been stealing from Aadi and Amy and drags him around Weatherfield to apologise. And Sunita and Karl plan a day away.

Speaking of heroes riding into action, just when Jean most needs a friend Kat returns to the Square to try and save her from Michael Moon.

At the start of the week, Jean confronts Michael about the fact that he’s run off with her £10,000 investment. But as she does it in front of Jean, he just denies everything and begins a campaign to make everyone think she’s losing her marbles.

First of all, he plants Janine’s handbag in her locker in The Vic, so it looks like she’s nicked it. Then he plants baby clothes in her bedroom which is a double whammy, convincing Roxy that she’s obsessed with baby Amy and Janine that she’s got some kind of issue with her as yet unborn baby.

Jean begins to doubt herself and wonders if she is indeed losing her sanity once again. She begins a meltdown and ends up fully clothed, crying in a bathtub.

It’s at that moment that Kat strides back into The Vic, with a new haircut and a face full of slap. She discovers Jean in the tub, gives her a hug and calms her down. And when she hears what Michael has been up to, she’s determined that she’s going to take him down.

Also this week: Masood asks Zainab to marry him, Lucy is struggling on without Ian and Roxy offers Alfie a loan to help with the pub.

Poor old Gennie gets the shock of her life when she suddenly realises that she’s late for her period.

When she gets together with Chas and takes a pregnancy test, the reason why is clear – she’s pregnant.

For most people, this would be a joyous occasion – but when your boyfriend is Nikhil, it’s a different matter. Nikhil has always banged on about hating children. So much so, that Gennie is too scared to tell him.

But there’s another shock to come. She goes to the doctor to confirm the test and he tells her ‘congratulations – she’s 18 weeks pregnant!’  So she’s nearly five months through and she still can’t bring herself to tell Nikhil.

Chas tells her she’s being stupid and Nikhil is not going to dump her. But she finds it hard to believe. And even when she does pluck up the courage, things keep interfering. How on earth is he going to react when he hears the news?

Also this week: Zak returns from hospital, stops taking his medication and is threatened by loan sharks. Nice one, Dingle.