Soaps preview – 3 – 7 September

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Coronation Street
Oh, Tracy, how we miss you when you’re not being bad. After a quiet-ish period since Becky left, when she hears Steve is moving in with Michelle, Tracy returns to two of her favourite ever hobbies – wreaking revenge and annoying Steve. 

The weak point in Michelle and Steve’s relationship is obvious – it’s her cokehead son Ryan, so she targets him with brutal efficiency. He’s a pretty easy target too. At the start of the week, he breaks into the factory looking for cash to buy more cocaine but ends up getting battered by Rob.

Steve tries to help by getting him a job at the kebab shop – and it’s there Tracy sees the chance to skewer him. We donner know if it’s a great idea but she gets a job as his new assistant and before you  know it, she’s asks herself back to his house for some spicy, saucy action. As he’s 15 years younger than her, he has simply no defence. He’s eaten up by a cougar.
Of course the next day, when Tracy appears from Ryan’s room, Michelle is - to put it mildly – a tad upset.  Mind you, how much fun would it be if Tracy turned out to be her daughter-i- law? We can only hope that Steve takes her down the aisle. Great stuff, Corrie. Great stuff.

Also this week:  Kirsty’s harassment of Tommy and Tina leaves Tommy so exhausted that he crashes the pizza van after falling asleep at the wheel. Is it the end for poor Tommy?

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Poor old Shirley.  She’s lost her husband, her family and her best mate.  The whole Heather murder has hit her hard. And in return, she has hit the bottle hard. Kat blames her for an infestation of bed bugs at The Vic and kicks her out – and, with nowhere left to turn, she ends up sleeping rough outside the Minute Mart (why not go round the corner and sleep under a bush in The Square, Shirley?).

Denise takes pity on her and brings her home to sort her out but that leads to a confrontation with  Jay, who pours his heart out trying to find some middle ground – but Shirley reacts by pinning him to the wall and screaming in his face that he deserves to hang. No reconciliation there then.

Later on, Phil finds her slumped outside and brings her in to sleep on the sofa before making a call to the mysterious person he thinks can help.

It turns out that the mysterious saviour is Carly, Shirley’s daughter. After telling her mum off for getting in such a state, the pair have a tender heart-to-heart and Carly lets Shirley hold her grandson Jimmy for the first time.

Carly asks Shirley to move in with them and, needing a fresh start, she agrees to give it a go. But as they get ready to leave, a determined Shirley warns Phil to always be on his guard as she will be back.

Also this week: Janine gears up for an argument when Michael buys her a new car. They’re driving each other crazy, those two.

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What’s a girl supposed to do when her fellow won’t believe what a sleazebag his nephew is? Take the matter into her own hands, of course. And so Katie invites Robbie to the stables and flirts with him, saying he reminds her of an ex. When he moves in for a kiss, she steps away, which maddens him and he starts manhandling her before she can escape.

So far, not much of a plan. But he’s fallen into her trap – as the farm’s CCTV cameras have captured the whole sorry saga. And when she plays the tapes for Declan he hits the roof. He finally understands what she’s been on about.

He furiously packs Robbie’s bags for him but Megan finds herself defending her son – and tells Declan if he leaves so does she. Forced to reassess or leave himself bankrupt, Declan allows him to stay. This, in turn, infuriates Katie, who tells Gennie she can’t believe Declan won’t act and he won’t be winning her round again.

Declan, however, plays his trump card by asking Katie to marry him! And she’s stunned but delighted to accept. It’s an ill wind that blows no good.

Also this week: Andy locks lips with Kerry after Amy throws her out of the B&B.