Soaps preview – 25 - 29 June

oronation Street
Blimey, Leanne. You don’t make your love life easy, do you? First of all Eva opens up to Leanne about how much she misses Nick. But when Leanne admits she’s not the right person, Eva tells Nick how she really feels. Baring her soul, she begs him for another chance – but he turns her down.

However, she’s not the only one declaring their undying love. After a heart-to-heart with Audrey, Nick goes to the bar and bares his soul to Leanne about how much he loves her.

Eva demands to know what is going on – and seeing how upset she is, Leanne orders Nick out. But it’s clear that she’s wavering and later on the pair share a steamy snog. They’re back together.

Of course, Eva isn’t the only one gutted by the news. Peter is furious (If you can avoid saying “you brought it on yourself” at the screen, you’re better than I am) and storms round to confront them. But after a run-in at the Bistro, he fails to change Leanne’s mind.

The next day he sees Simon going for breakfast with Nick and is seething with jealous rage. But Carla forces him to confront whether he is jealous about Simon or Leanne. She tells him to accept the decision and move on. So he swallows his pride… for now.

Also this week: After rowing with Sean, Marcus heads for a night out with Aiden. But after a few drinks, Aiden lunges forward and they end up kissing.

These are some tough times for Michael and Janine as their premature baby girl lies in an incubator. (We all know that no one is allowed to have a wedding that goes smoothly in ‘EastEnders’. It’s not allowed. But following on from that baby-swap nonsense - what have the scriptwriters got against babies now? Can’t people give birth happily?)

As the week begins, Michael and Janine are trying to cope with how ill their baby is and the fact that they can’t even touch her. Things look so bad that when Jean arrives at the hospital to confront them about stealing her money, she sees the severity of the situation and can’t go through with it – she even ends up saying a prayer for their little tot. But she’s still told off by Ricky and Tyler when they see her leaving the hospital.

As Michael sits next to her crib, things get even worse. And as the doctors rush to her side to treat her, he stands up, face impassive in the midst of the chaos and walks out of the hospital.
He returns to the Square and begins to pack his bags, ready to run away from his problems. And that’s when Jean turns up. Can she talk him out of his cowardly plan?

Also this week: Derek gives Joey some money in an attempt to be a good dad. But his son just hands it straight over to Lucy.

Following on from last week’s “onion ring” proposal between David and Alicia, there’s another slightly ridiculous question popped in the Dales this week. Gennie, who is attempting to cope with the realisation that Chas and Cameron are having an affair, has still to tell Nikhil that she’s pregnant.

She tries once more early in the week and when she says she wants to talk to him, he assumes she wants to break up. After a number of misunderstandings, he misreads the signals and the pair end up on a break.
Fortunately someone sees sense and Charity tells Nikhil that Gennie is pregnant. She goes on to urge him to work things out. Later, in the factory, Gennie is gobsmacked as Nikhil proposes with an engagement ring. She is thrilled, declaring she would love to marry him.

But obviously that’s not the end of it. Nikhil admits he knows she is pregnant and couldn’t be happier. Gennie is stunned the pregnancy has speeded up the proposal and tells him that under the circumstances she cannot marry him. She gives him the ring back, telling him to keep it until he finds someone he loves. Oh, come ON, you two. Pull yourselves together.

Also this week: Lisa is terrified by the return of the loan sharks who claim Zak owes them thousands.