Soaps preview – 2 – 6 July

Kat has a fling with a mystery man in ‘EastEnders’, a cab-based brawl in ‘Coronation Street’ and a bride has cold feet in ‘Emmerdale’.

Kat Slater and her mystery men in EastEnders (Copyright: BBC)

People of a certain age will remember ‘EastEnders’ building up to the reveal of who got Michelle pregnant – suspects all hanging up the phone at the same time and going out to meet her. It turned out of course that Dirty Den was the Daddy. Well, here’s another whodunit (or is ‘Whodunnher?’ more accurate?).

Kat embarks on a dirty affair with a mystery man after taking over running the football team from Alfie, when she sees him struggling. Her input is much needed and she manages to get a full team playing.

After the game, during which she leaves the best player Ray on the bench to make Alfie feel better, she moves into full on flirting with Derek, Max, Ray, Jack and Michael. And when Alfie goes upstairs to crash out, it’s one of these fellas that surprises her in the pub kitchen.

The next day, wracked with guilt, Kat attempts to make it up to Alfie by being a domestic goddess. But the mystery man rings her up and she can’t avoid answering. When she hangs up, we see each of the five suspects also hanging up their phones.

Could this be the final straw for Kat and Alfie?

Also this week: Janine is furious when Michael changes their baby’s name without asking her.

Steve and Lloyd fight in Coronation Street (Copyright: ITV)

Coronation Street

Lloyd’s back! And in some style. When he steps out of the smoke from behind a broken down cab you almost wish ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ was playing in the background.

Steve is certainly delighted to see his old mucker and he can afford to be because Streetcars is doing great business and Lloyd is forced to reveal he lost most of his money in an ill-advised property deal.

Insisting on helping his old mate, Steve fetches Lloyd back to the street, offering him the spare room at the flat and the chance to come back to Streetcars. A chuffed Lloyd accepts. But he doesn’t realise Steve was offering him a job as a driver not as co-owner.
The next day when Lloyd arrives all smiles saying the bank was going to loan him enough to buy back in, Steve reveals the truth. As he explains he's not selling shares after the mess he left him in, Lloyd's stung and old tensions resurface.

Before you can say “it doesn’t take long to set up a minicab business”, there’s a new firm on the block Ladyfares, which employs only female drivers (This is like the BBC sitcom ‘Candy Cabs’ – only funny). It’s a big success and when Steve goes to meet the owner, he’s stunned to discover it’s not a woman, it’s Lloyd!

Attempting to get in Steve’s good books, Tracy volunteers to get a job and sabotage the firm. Steve agrees and it’s not long before she is installed and doing what she does best – causing chaos.  After she’s practically bankrupted him, Lloyd catches on and runs to Amy’s sports day to confront Steve. The former pals end up in an undignified brawl on a playing field. Kids will be kids, eh?

Also this week: Nick and Peter also square up at the Sports Day and Izzy confides in Fiz that she’s pregnant but hasn’t told Gary yet.

David and Alicia marry in Emmerdale (Copyright: ITV)


Oh, Alicia. This really isn’t a good idea. David’s your sister’s ex, for heaven’s sake. That alone should put you off walking down the aisle with him.

The omens aren’t good either. On her hen do, Alicia drinks too much and spends the night being sick in the toilet. Also Pollard is a dark cloud throughout the week, telling David he’s mad and shouldn’t pay the price for Alicia’s mistakes.

Mind you, the day rolls around and the bride looks lovely (she really does). But just before she’s about to tie the knot, she gets a visit from Talia who tells her that Justin has given up fighting for custody of Jacob. Despite the fact that this is the only reason they’re getting wed, she decides to keep this information and go ahead with it nonetheless.

Everyone thinks they’re the perfect couple at the ceremony but afterwards David is just pleased that the production is all over. Alicia, this is not going to end well.

Also this week: Debbie is rushed to hospital with complications and Cameron is by her side all the way.