Soaps preview – 17 - 21 September

Relationship trauma all over the place. Tommy and Tina split on ‘Corrie’, Priya and David end it on ‘Emmerdale’ – thank heavens then for Sharon and Jack getting together on ‘EastEnders’, otherwise it’d be all doom and gloom.

Baby woes: Tina is at the centre of a storm in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street

It took them so long to get together that we’re sad to announce the end of Tommy and Tina’s relationship. They’ve been through violence, accidents and hostage taking but Tina’s idea to become a surrogate mum is the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back.

Tina reckons the cash she’ll get from Gary and Izzy will end their money worries for good – and being as they’re about to be homeless, it does seem like an idea, just not a very good one.

Tommy, however cannot be persuaded – and tells her that if she continues with the hare-brained scheme he’ll leave her. She’s not to be put off by mere threats however, and insists to Gary and Izzy that she’s going to go through with the plan.

Even when Rita steps in, reminds her what she’s doing isn’t legal and offers her money, Tina sticks by her guns, insisting the legalities will be fine if no one finds out.

But later Tina returns home and crumbles when she realises Tommy has gone. Owen sees Tommy at the bus stop with his bags and tells him he thinks he’s a fool for leaving. Tina’s making a sacrifice to rescue him from his own mess and doing something wonderful for Gary and Izzy at the same time. It’s all for you, Tommy. All of it. (Even if it is a deeply stupid idea).

Owen’s words have clearly had an impact on Tommy, but will they make him change his mind?

Also this week: Kirk snogs Beth in The Rovers after she has a disastrous date.

Broken hearts: David has bad news for Priya (Credit: ITV)

Aw, they were love’s young dream. For a minute. But who would have thought that David would finish with Priya after falling head over heels?

And all this happens while their relationship is still a secret because they don’t reckon the village can deal with his sham marriage to Alicia (which he did to give Jacob a home). But young Jacob is aware that Priya is muscling in and she puts her foot in it before he goes to visit Alicia in prison.

He gets his revenge by keying her car – but it’s obvious he’s done it and David sees how upset he is by Priya’s presence. After a lot of soul searching he decides that Jacob must come first – and so before you can say ‘she’s not going to let him get away with this’ he tells her that their relationship is over.

Is Priya going to go away quietly? Of course not.

Also this week: Andy falls out with Kerry and slings her out. She reacts by hitting the bottle and ends up in hospital. By the time Amy arrives to see her mum, it looks like it might be too late…

I'd rather Jack: Sharon goes in for the kill in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)


She’s only been back a few weeks but Sharon and Jack’s will-they-won’t-they thing seems to have been going on for ever.

She turns him down once again when he asks her out for a romantic evening – because she can’t get a babysitter for Dennis. But Jack, knowing that she likes him really, arranges for Tanya to babysit for her.

That’s a bit presumptuous, of course. And Sharon reacts with anger and Jack backs off realising he’s made a mistake.

Instead, he suggests that she brings Dennis with her and she agrees. However, he is pleasantly surprised when Sharon arrives alone and the date goes well and one thing leads to another and soon the two of them end up snogging like a couple of teenagers in a park.

But then, as things get a bit more heated, Jack pushes Sharon away. He explains that he really likes her and he wants to take things slowly  (somehow the man taking a step back already feels like a cliché even though we can’t think of an occasion that it has been done on a soap. Let us know in comments if you can think of it).  Sharon smiles and tells him that’s fine… as long as he doesn’t take things too slowly.

That’s before she goes for a night out with Tanya and hears that she’s had a fling with Jack too. Will the knowledge that he’s a bit of a ladies’ man ruin a budding romance?

Also this week: Max sets a date for his wedding to Tanya – 24 December.  Given ‘EastEnders’s Christmases it is sure to go without a hitch then.