Soaps preview – 14 - 18 January

A heroine returns to Walford, Kylie’s secret is out in ‘Corrie’ and Debbie’s got a great plan on ‘Emmerdale’.

Race against time: David rushes to stop Kylie in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
Here’s a tip to advertisers and PR people working in the Weatherfield region - if you want to get a message out there to as many people as possible tell Eva Price. She can spread a story quicker than you can get a pint at The Rovers.

Unfortunately, this means she’s not the right person to confide a secret in – so if you’re pregnant like Kylie and are planning to have a secret abortion, best not blab to young Ms. P.

Kylie is determined to go ahead with the termination – and invents a dentist’s appointment to cover the operation.

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Eva tries to talk her out of it but to no avail. And then an excited David discovers Kylie’s positive pregnancy test in the bin and heads out to look for her, to share his joy – he runs into Eva who can’t help but tell him where Kylie actually is.

David bursts into the abortion clinic (can’t help thinking the security might be a wee bit tighter – but there you go) and tries to talk her out of it. She claims that their marriage isn’t stable enough and she’s right. After all, she has just slept with his brother. But he won’t hear it and keeps on telling her that she’s underestimating her own strength. Can he change her mind?

Also this week: Kirsty and Tyrone make last minute plans as they prepare to wed – and Fiz is surprised when Kirsty shows up to offer her an invitation.

Family affairs: Dot returns to sort out the Branning clan (Credit: BBC)

Who’s that riding to the rescue of the Branning family in a cloud of smoke? It’s Dot! Hurrah! But can even Dot help fix her family? Surely she can. After all, look at her track record with Nick, um no, forget him, Jim, anyway, that’s not important. She’s back. And she walks straight in on Lauren romping on her sofa with a mystery man.

Though it’s not the welcome she was expecting, she’s not too upset. That comes later, when she gets the whole brood together – apparently she owes it to her beloved Jim, who would have been mortified that Derek died so early. She suggests her house – but the ever-wise Tanya suggests they keep it on neutral territory – so they all head to The Vic.

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It’s there that poor Dot discovers Jack is engaged to Sharon, Max has another wife. Still, even that’s not as bad was when she puts two and two genes together and realises that Lauren’s mystery man is another one of her own grandchildren. And that’s before we get to Cora and what her sub-letting has left Dot to deal with. Poor Dot. It’s enough to make you take up smoking.

Also this week: Dexter is a man in demand with Lola – but Phil is not impressed. And what will Dex think when he finds out she’s already a mum?

Dangerous plan: Debbie ignores her parents' advice in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

She’s always loved a scam, has Debbie. It’s in the Dingle genes really, isn’t it? But she’s not really been herself since Cameron and the whole saviour sibling thing with Sarah and Jack. So is it really the time to get involved in something. Charity and Cain don’t think so – and if the Bonnie and Clyde of the Yorkshire Dales are warning you off a scam you should listen.

But stubbornness is also in the Dingle genes – and that’s why she continues to get close to motorcycle courier Dom, despite their warnings.
She’s determined to learn all his secrets so she can set up a sideline business but she gets even more intrigued when Dom reveals that the firm is actually involved in delivering drugs. She comes up with a plan and asks Charity to help out. Charity reluctantly agrees but only if they get Cain involved.

Cain doesn't want to mess with the couriers but Debbie tells him she's going to do it anyway, so he agrees to help. The next thing you know, they've called the police and the courier firm has been raided. Dom escapes and heads to Debbie's house where she seduces him. But before they head to bed, she nicks the keys to the courier firm's office from his pocket. What is she playing at? And if he finds out, what will Dom do to her?

Also this week: Alicia decides to give up on her dream of being with David.