Soaps preview – 10 – 14 September

A big reveal on ‘EastEnders’ – but not to us. A new arrival on the cobbles of ‘Coronation Street’ and Charity’s in big trouble on ‘Emmerdale’.

Kat's out of the bag: Alfie finds out the truth (Credit: BBC)

You maniac! You had to do it, didn’t you? You had to go and blow it up. That’s right, Kat couldn’t let a slim ray of happiness into the world’s bleakest square. There was no way that she and Alfie could live happily ever after, no matter how much we prefer them when they’re laughing and joking.

And so this week, the truth comes out. It starts off so well, with Alfie discovering Kat has bought some racy lingerie and assumes it is for him. But their plans for a romantic night in don’t come off and straight away she’s texting and arranging to meet her mystery man in the bedsit.

Unfortunately they’re at it for so long or so energetically that Kat falls asleep and only wakes up the next morning. She covers up by staying she spent the night at Kim’s but now even the lovely trusting Alfie is aware something is up.

His concerns grow when a massive bouquet of flowers arrives at The Vic for her (come on, mystery man, play it a little cool). She tries to claim that they’re from her dad, but Alfie doesn’t buy it. And he fearfully asks her what is going on.

Kat cracks under his steady gaze (clearly she wanted to be caught, right?) and admits that there is someone else.  For once, Alfie shows a dark side and shoves her against the wall, demanding to know who the lover is.  We need to know too Alfie, we need to know.

Also this week: Janine makes Michael choose. A suitcase filled with cash – or her. If the money is still there at dawn, she will believe he loves him. How romantic.
Oh baby: Tina demonstrates how not to treat a pregnant woman (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street

Some doctors recommend raspberry leaf tea, others a curry and a walk. But in Soapland the best way to induce labour is definitely a good old row. So when Tina, on the war path because of Tommy’s car crash, runs into the heavily pregnant Kirsty there are fireworks. And contractions.

When Tina tells Kirsty exactly what she thinks of her and her harassment of the pair, Kirsty is so stunned she immediately goes into labour and her waters break. Another thing we know about Soapland is that babies do not hang around. There’s no time to call a midwife or anything, before you know it the baby is on its way.

Fortunately, Marcus is on hand to deliver the baby – a healthy little girl who Tyrone and Kirsty call Ruby. And it is not long before they’re safely back at home gazing adoringly at the little tyke.

But the happy families act doesn’t last long. Tyrone is furious with Tina and reckons she put Kirsty’s life at risk so when Tina makes an attempt to apologise and build bridges, it does not go well.

Also this week: After a tough talking session with their counsellor, Izzy cancels the surrogacy deal leaving her and Gary devastated.

No charity: Carl finally gets his revenge (Copyright: ITV)

Carl likes his revenge served one way – ice cold. It’s been two years since Chas jilted him at the altar after pretending to be pregnant and ran off with their honeymoon fund and only now does he have the chance to get his own back. Though he does seem to have forgotten that she only left him because he was having an affair with her best mate Eve.

Anyway, convinced that Chas’s heart isn’t really set on marrying Dan (what led you there Carl? Her obvious lukewarm indifference to Dan?) , Carl decides to do a little detective work. He follows her out from their engagement party and happens to run into her kissing Cameron.

From there, he goes on to steal her phone and discover saucy texts to Cameron. That’s all he needs. He’s going to bring her down. He threatens right away to tell Dan that she’s cheating on him – unless she pays him back the £30,000 she stole from the honeymoon fund. Chas needs to find the cash – and fast. After all, it’s not only Dan who will get hurt...

Also this week: Rhona and Paddy decide to make a run for New Zealand with Leo despite the court order. Can Marlon stop them?