Soaps Preview 30 April – May 4

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Coronation Street

We all knew Kirsty was a crazy bunny boiler, didn’t we? That whole fighting with Tina, crashing into Tyrone’s car was enough of a hint. Well, it becomes even clearer this week when her career hits the skids.

At the start of the week, everything seems to be going just fine when she and Tyrone break into the town hall and dig up evidence – bank statements - that prove Terry has bribed Councillor Peake so he was allowed to open his lap dancing club. But in discovering the evidence they’re caught by Councillor Peake himself.

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So despite being able to lord it over Terry and foil his plans for the club, Kirsty’s joy is short-lived. Before you can say ‘misconduct’ she’s called into a meeting at the police station and summarily dismissed for her illegal search of the Town Hall.

The news completely knocks her for six, Tyrone attempts to console her but she tells him that being a policewoman is her life. He goes out of his way to try and make things better - and even manages to get her taken on at The Underworld to tide her over. But when this news doesn’t cheer her up (and really, why would it?) he tells her she’s over-reacting. It’s then that she lashes out and he sees a whole new side to her.

We can’t tell you the details but suffice to say: You won’t like Kirsty when she’s angry.

Also this week: Julie and Brian get a shock when they go for their first baby scan.

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Oh, Mandy. Your mum came but you sent her away, Oh, Mandy. Unfortunately, this week Lorraine makes like a bad penny and shows up once again.  Initially, Mandy is horrified to see her - as well she should be, because her mum is a vile controlling horror. But then Lorraine explains that she’s seriously ill because of her alcoholism and has to go to hospital.

Luckily, Mandy is going out with Walford’s least charitable man. Ian is furious when he sees Lorraine in his house and sends her off with a flea in her ear. He’s especially annoyed because he’s had some bad news from his accountant. Like everyone else in Walford, it appears he’s struggling financially.

Mandy though is then softened by the news of her mum’s illness, particularly after she collapses in agony outside the tube station agrees to go to hospital with her - even though Ian forbids it.

Playing the dutiful daughter, she sneaks to her mum’s bedside but her devotion doesn’t lead to a tender moment. Instead, when she tells her mum she’s staying with Ian for life, Lorraine turns nasty (well, nastier).

She delivers a broadside, telling Mandy she has never loved her and no one ever will. Mandy leaves, but this surely has seriously affected her. Can she really settle down with Ian?

Also this week: Whitney tells Tyler she thinks she could be pregnant and Michael Moon manages to rip more money off Jean to pay for his wedding venue.

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Chas and Cameron’s sordid affair threatens to turn really serious.  After yet another snog, Cameron decides he’s going to leave Debbie for Chas. 

Cameron makes the decision after Debbie forces him to give up his shifts at the pub so he can look after her more. Because this is the only time he gets to see Chas legitimately, he’s absolutely gutted – and on his last shift tells her if Chas wants to, he will leave Debbie for her.

Chas is terrified after questioning how it would work in reality. Although it is clear she is tempted, Chas tells Cameron her answer is ‘no’ at the moment. 

But, later in the Woolpack, little knowing the damage she is doing, Debbie teases Chas about men, insisting there is someone out there for her. Having been given food for thought, Chas visits Cameron at the garage. She has changed her mind and wants him to finish with Debbie after all. She couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t give this relationship a chance.

Then Sarah goes into theatre. Cameron spends time with Chas instead of heading directly there to support his family. When they finally do see Sarah and she asks after Cameron, the pair are struck with guilt. Then there is further bad news - are they able to go through with their plan?

Also this week: Zak becomes increasingly confused and tells Lisa his cancer has returned.