Soap preview 2012

What’s going to happen in the New Year in Soapland? Well, lots of things, that’s what.  If nothing happened, it’d make for very boring TV. But what’s the big news for you to look forward to in the next few months? Look away now if you don’t like spoilers as Jon Horsley looks at what’s coming up in ‘Coronation Street’, ‘EastEnders’ and ‘Emmerdale’ in our 2012 soaps preview…


2011 kicks off with the fall out from Pat’s funeral (depending on when you're reading this – she dies) with Carol’s old love David Wicks back in the Square – but her brothers aren’t going to be too pleased with that, are they? (No). So how long will the old lothario remain?

There’s also the big mystery surrounding the departure of Heather.  We know she’s leaving and we think she’s being murdered but by who? And in what circumstances? We fear for the killer when Shirley gets her hands on them.

There’s a new arrival soon in the shape of Ray, Morgan’s dad, who Bianca hasn’t seen for five years. With her and Ricky on rocky ground, it’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out. We’re guessing there’ll be some kind of love/hate sparks and maybe a passionate affair. Just a guess, mind you.

Speaking of love problems, what’s going to happen to the Masoods now that their tormentor in chief is gone? Zainab and Masood are closer again. But will Jane get in the way? Ian and Mandy continue seeing each other of course, but some people are amazed with how much she gets away with – and there could be cracks appearing.

And of course, there are the Mitchells. We’re all waiting to see who is behind Phil’s stalking. It’s got to be someone close to him – and what price do they want him to pay? Will he finally go down for his crimes? We hope so. And we hope when inside he gets addicted to crack again and starts growling around like a red-faced bear all over again.

Coronation Street

Becky’s on her way out, as we’ve known for a while. But the big question is – will she be able to convince Steve that Tracy lied about losing her babies? And if Steve is convinced – say by some medical evidence – what effect will that have on their relationship?  It won’t be pretty, we know that much.

And following Becky’s exit, ‘Corrie’ also loses Rosie Webster again.  Rosie wins a chance to appear on a fly on the wall show in that London, so ditches Jason right away and hops on the Virgin train. Doesn’t sound like a very final exit, does it? We’ll see Flanagan again, mark our words.

Then there’s Frank’s trial for rape. Carla is put on the witness stand – but his lawyers are going to call her character into question. So it’s a good thing she’s not having any illicit affairs, isn’t it? Oh. Yeah. If Leanne hadn’t messed around with Nick at this time last year, we’d feel sorry for her.


There’s one thing that hangs over the village – who really attacked Cain? And is he going to tell the police the truth? We’re told there will be a big reveal before the end of January.  One thing is for certain – it wasn’t Tom King. Or maybe…

Of course, damaged though Cain is, if Jai and Charity get closer – or even get married – that will finish him off. Can he manage to get in the way of it? As of course he did between John and Moira Barton. The Bartons are split by Moira’s incredibly unlikely affair with Cain. It’s going to continue to have reverberations for poor Holly. And will lead to the departure of one member of the family...

And if you can bear to watch other families in trauma, we've not heard the last of Laurel's dalliance with Marlon. You can't put that kind of thing behind you, not in Soapland. Particularly if Ashley gets the wrong idea into his head. Which he certainly will.

If troubled teens are your bag, then Sean has some meaty storylines as his family fall on hard times. And don’t forget the continuing drama of Amy and her adoption plans for poor little Kyle.