Soap Preview 20- 24 August

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Coronation Street
It’s like a topic from a daytime talk show “My boyfriend prefers my mum”.  And who else could the tawdry story be about than poor Eva? And of course, the man who’d be booed, face some kind of lie-detector test and receive a stern talking to from Jeremy Kyle is Rob. At the start of the week, he hears her boasting about getting Karl the sack and takes it as a warning sign. He doesn’t want her interfering in his work, so he’s not very impressed.

Later on that day, he has a few drinks with Stella in The Rovers and finds himself drawn to the glamorous barmaid. She is moaning about Karl and her broken heart and he reckons he’s got just the thing to take her mind off him – a swift bout of mother loving.

Stella resists his advances seeing as she’s Eva’s mum.  But there’s a twinkle in her eye, even so and the pair are clearly drawn to one another.
The next day, she’s stunned when Eva breaks down in tears because Rob has dumped her. Does this mean the path is clear for her to date Rob? We can only hope so, they’re made for each other.

Also this week: Tyrone is delighted when the police find where Kirsty is – but is gutted when they refuse to tell him where she is. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on what mood she’s in) Tommy plays detective and tracks her down.

(Credit: BBC)EastEnders
The truth about her best friend’s murder finally hits home with Shirley. She realises that she’s been living with her killer since the murder all those months ago (and it was a long time, ‘Enders’ have really dragged this one out).  She’s not the only one who is upset about the whole thing, someone takes the time to graffiti “murderers” all over the outside of their house.

Phil attempts to mollify her by organising a family dinner. She’s unimpressed but agrees to go – only for Phil not to show up. She heads out to R&R to find him and catches Sharon just leaving.

That’s enough for Shirley and when she finds Phil she lets rip. She tears him apart and screams at him for everything – even for George being left alone with his dead mum.

For once Phil’s honeyed words can’t talk her round. She realises she can never trust him again and tells him it is over. That’s only the start of Phil’s troubles. He’s told Jay he must change his statement or be disowned by the Mitchell clan.

Surprisingly being part of a murderous, lying deceitful family isn’t a strong enough incentive to make Jay cover up for a murderer so he’s kicked out on the street.

But Walford doesn’t welcome him with open arms and indeed, he ends up like a common Ian Beale, sleeping rough on the streets. Is Phil going to be the last Mitchell standing?

Also this week: After shrugging off his advances, Sharon tells  Jack Branning she is going to leave town. But he bets she won’t leave right away and the prize for the winner is a kiss. You big flirt, Jack.

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We used to by sympathetic to Chas. Since Carl, she seemed to be unlucky in love all the time. Recently however, since she started an affair with on her own niece’s boyfriend, she appears to have completely lost her mind.

She was seeing Dan to make Cameron jealous – and this week, it appears to have worked. When Dan publically declares her love for her at the charity fun run, Cameron snaps. After the race he gets Chas on her own and tells her that he loves her and wants her back – no matter what.

Still furious after he gave her up to go back to Debbie, Chas doesn’t let him off the hook. Instead she gives him a swift kick to the groin. There is a thin line between love and hate, clearly. And as if that didn’t make her point clearly enough, she runs back to the Woolpack and proposes to a somewhat surprised Dan.

Initially Dan thinks things are moving too fast (they are, Dan. They really are) and turns her down. But later when Chas tells him again how much he means to her, he gets down on one knee and proposes himself. Oh, poor Dan.

Also this week: To get away from the gossip, Rachel decides she wants to leave the village and  move to Leeds.