Soap departures and arrivals

It can be hard to keep up with who’s going where in Soapland. One star leaves ‘EastEnders’ and ends up in ‘Corrie’ with a funny accent. Another has a scandal and gets fired. So to make it easy for you, here’s our rundown of the comings and goings that were announced in July.

Like the football transfer window – it’s been a pretty quiet summer thus far – but there’s one big move that overshadows all the rest. I think you know who we mean...


Pam St Clement – ‘EastEnders’s Pat Butcher

When’s she off? November or December (we sniff a Christmas Day drama episode).
Why’s she leaving? 25 and a half years is a long time... “I feel it's time to hang up Pat’s earrings," she said. "Leaving the ‘EastEnders' family will be akin to a bereavement, but I'm looking forward to the other work and life opportunities that I will have the time to pursue.".
How’s she leaving? Don’t know yet. What odds Janine has something to do with it though?
Will we miss her? God, yes. It’s easy to think of Pat as just a joke character – but Pam St Clement played her brilliantly. A mixture of tough yet also vulnerable and funny – and despite the square jaw, bright earrings and ridiculous clothing, she was always believable.

Holly Quin-Ankrah, Will Thorp and Finton Flynn – ‘Corrie’s Gray Family

When are they off? “Towards the end of the year”.
Why are they leaving? They’re at the end of their contracts and they won’t be renewed.
How are they leaving? The separated couple Cheryl and Chris are expected to get back together and depart with their son Russ. Which is bad news of course for Lloyd (who’s leaving too) and Maria.
Will we miss them? Not too much. They were good fun but never A-list.

Corrinne Wicks – ‘Emmerdale’s Ella Hart

When is she off? In the autumn.
Why is she leaving? Again, the end of her contract. And the timing is right as it’s the end of a decent storyline.
How is she leaving? As we revealed last month, her daughter Mia is also leaving. It seems that their love triangle story with Ella seducing Adam Barton despite the fact he’s seeing her own daughter will come to an explosive climax.
Will we miss her? Yes. Ella was a dose of mischief in the soap. Corrinne Wicks plays her like a younger, naughtier Joan Collins.

Alex Carter – ‘Hollyoaks’s Lee Hunter

When’s he off? Before the end of the year.
Why is he off? Because he left before, had a stint on ‘Emmerdale’, came back and now wants to try something that isn’t soap. “Though I would do ‘EastEnders’ if they’d have me!”, he said.
How is he leaving? Not known as yet.
Will we miss him? Yes, he’s genuinely funny. His miming of a moustache to mean “must dash” was one of the few things that has made us laugh out loud in soaps.

Candy McCulloch - 'Coronation Street’s new model

When will we see her? This autumn.
Who is she playing? She’s Stacey – a model rival to Rosie Webster. A rival in both love and work. She’s in the spin-off show based around Rosie’s modelling career, stealing a contract from her when they’re both on ‘Lorraine’. She will also be appearing in the main soap.
Should we be excited? Well, it’s all a bit cheap and ‘Hollyoaks Later’, Rosie’s spin off. But we’ve missed Rosie, and will be glad to have her and a rival back.

Preeya Kalidas – ‘EastEnder’s wronged woman

When will we see her? October.
Who is she playing? Amira Shah. She was Syed’s wife before she discovered that he was having a gay affair with Christian. She left without telling him she was preggers.
Should we be excited? Yes! This is brilliant news for the whole Masood family. Amira was hard done by and we’re hoping she comes back stronger, fitter and willing to cause trouble.

Joe Swash – ‘EastEnders’s Mickey

When will we see him? At his brother Darren’s wedding in August/September.
Who is he playing? The same old Mickey Miller who left in 2008.
Should we be excited? Not really – he’s only stopping in for a couple of scenes before disappearing to make more low-rent reality shows.

Kimberley Cooper – ‘Home And Away’s Gypsy

When will we see her? December
Who is she playing? Remember Gyspy? Left ten years ago after marrying Will? Well, after a decade in LA she’s back.
Should we be excited? It’s always nice to have a nostalgic favourite return.