Sir David Attenborough to team with Bjork for new music doc

Sir David Attenborough and Icelandic pop star Bjork are teaming up for a Channel 4 music documentary.

With the working title ‘The Nature of Music’, the show will look into the evolution of music and how it may continue to evolve as technology progresses.

The original odd couple! (Credit: Rex)

The news doesn’t mean we’ll be hearing Attenborough talk us through the everyday lives of the common pop star however, he’ll still be very nature-focused.

Sir David will talk about the music of songbirds and blue whales, as well as his own love of music.

Bjork’s contribution is born out of her 2011 project ‘Biophilia’, for which she created special new instruments and recorded them on her iPad using a series of apps that allowed listener input and interaction.

Executive producer Lucas Ochoa said: "Pulse Films are incredibly excited to be working on this remarkable film with Bjork and Sir David Attenborough.

"Born from Bjork's revolutionary music project, it is thrilling to be able to document this incredible journey with her.

"She is undeniably one of the most iconic figures in popular culture and truly pushes boundaries like no other artist."