Only Fools and Horses could be back in March – Daily TV round-up

David Jason says new material is 'very good'.

'Only Fools and Horses' could be returning to screens as early as next March, according to its star David Jason.

Ideas and potential new episodes of the classic BBC sitcom are being worked on by Dan and Jim Sullivan, the sons of writer John Sullivan, who penned the original series.

Jason has previously said that a new episode, which could centre around Del Boy's 65th birthday, could be in the offing.

Now he's added that the idea is coming to fruition, and that he could get on board if the material is good enough.

He told The Times: “I’ve had a quick look at the treatment and it’s very good, but I’m saving the proper read-through until there are no distractions.

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“It’s not the sort of thing you can muck about with.”

Sullivan, who also wrote 'Citizen Smith' and 'Just Good Friends', died in 2011 from viral pneumonia, aged 64.

It was last year that the talk of a new episode emerged, with Jason revealing some tantalising details.

“The idea of it was Del's 65th birthday,” he said. “That was his premise. There was nothing else said. He just wanted to know what I felt. Well, I know Sullivan. I know how he wrote.“I just said, 'John, you write it and I'll do it'. I know all of the rest of the team couldn't wait to get back.”

The series ran to seven series from 1981 to 1991, along with 10 Christmas specials, the last of which was screened in 2003.

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