New Tricks writers hit back at cast 'bland' comments

Show writers vent their fury at cast that claimed the series was 'bland'.

‘New Tricks’ writers have blasted back at the show’s cast who claimed the quality of BBC1 programme was going downhill.

Speaking to Radio Times, Amanda Redman and co-star Dennis Waterman both criticised the direction the series was heading and labeled the scriptwriting as ‘bland’.

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Fellow ‘New Tricks’ actor Alun Armstrong also claimed the cast re-wrote some of the script when writers were not around.

In trouble... The cast of New Tricks (Copyright: BBC)

The comments have now caused the show’s screenwriters to retaliate with script writer Julian Simpson taking to Twitter to let rip on the cast’s criticisms, and actors in general.

Writing on the micro blogging site he said, “Wait a second...*smells a rat* if certain actors re-wrote the scripts, how come they didn’t know the lines better?”

Simpson continued with a stream of attacks writing: “A New Tricks I wrote and directed airs on Monday. I can tell you EXACTLY how much of it the actors wrote: not a f***ing comma.

“The following week, Sarah Pinborough’s episode is on. I directed that too. Cast contribution to script? Big fat zero.

“I also wrote and directed episode 10 of the new series. How much did the cast change? Are we sensing a pattern here...?”

He sarcastically added, “I was going to be writing today, instead I’m just going to hand the actors a pad and pen. I wish I’d learned this years ago.”

Simpson also retweeted a joke saying ‘Borgen’ writers would be howling at laughter at Dennis Waterman’s desire to act in the respected BBC4 show.

He also later joked, "As has been widely reported, New Tricks cast members are leaving next series. Guess who’s writing their exit eps... *finger guns*."

Fellow ‘New Tricks’ writer Lisa Holdsworth, who has written eleven episodes, was just as disgruntled by the cast’s published comments.

Joking about a future series plot “about an unfortunate bus crash as they are all driven to the old people’s home” the writer let rip on Twitter saying the actors had certainly “rattled some cages”.

Venting her grievances further, she said, “I’d like to say it shocked me, but it didn’t. W**kers.”

She then added, “Right, I better get some writing done. I wish there was an actor here to help with the bland bits.”

The new series of ‘New Tricks’, one of the Beeb’s highest-rated dramas, starts Monday at 9pm on BBC1.