New Tricks star quits after feud - Daily TV round-up

Actor Alun Armstrong has quit the popular TV show after writer feud

In the wake of the ‘New Tricks’ writing feud, actor Alun Armstrong has announced he is quitting the cop show, after nine years in the series.

Leaving... Alun Armstrong quits 'New Tricks' (Copyright: BBC)Armstrong plays Brian Lane on the show and has been with the BBC1 drama since its launch back in 2003.

His decision follows only days after he, along with co-stars Amanda Redman and Dennis Waterman, branded the show’s script and writers ‘dull’.

Armstrong even went as far as to say that sometimes the actors took matters into their own hands - ‘rewriting’ the script themselves when the writers were not around.

These comments made in the Radio Times sparked a furious Twitter rant from ‘New Tricks’ writer Julian Simpson yesterday.

Raging about upcoming episodes he said, “I’ll tell you EXACTLY how much of it the actors wrote; not a f***ing comma.”

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Armstrong will film only one more series of the detective show and his exit follows Amanda Redman’s announcement that she is quitting the programme leaving ‘New Tricks’ without two central characters.

Despite the accelerating row the veteran actor released a heartfelt statement saying, “I have enjoyed every minute and will miss it and everyone involved greatly. It has been one big happy family, for everyone who has been part of the team, right from the very first pilot series.”

He added, “Although very sad to leave, I am looking forward with excitement to the new challenges the future offers.” [The Sun]

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