New look Daybreak leaves viewers unimpressed

After replacing ‘GMTV’ with the catastrophe that was the original ‘Daybreak’, ITV bosses were hoping to revive appalling ratings with a new look show, with Aled Jones and Loraine Kelly now on presenting duties.

In their new, very orange studio and with nerves jangling, the pair ploughed through their first show together, but viewers were less than impressed and of course voiced their opinions online.

How could anyone not like this? Look how happy they are! (Credit: Rex)

Twitter was abuzz with chatter of the new show, which trended all morning.

User @JoanneMurs said, “Hmm.....don't you think daybreak is looking more & more like GMTV?” She wasn’t the only one switched off by the new look. “It looks like set for a dodgy 90's Argos catalogue shoot,” said @PieSliced.

Even the Telegraph’s review was headlined, “Daybreak review: everything was orange”.

“The on-screen graphics were orange,” the review reads. “The walls were orange. The cushions were orange. The newsreader had an orange mug. Even the lead news story (about success at the Paralympics) was headlined ‘Britain’s Golden Glow’.”

Viewers were also furious about the lack of Dan Lobb, who had become a fan-favourite during his stint as presenter of the old show following the high profile departure of Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley. 

@smocktofrock said, “ITV Daybreak without @danlobb is like a classic teen horror without nudity. What's the point?”

Many viewers also donned rose-tinted spectacles, harking back to breakfast shows long passed.

“Instead of a revamped Daybreak we should have got back The Big Breakfast! Now that was a breakfast show!” said @Darren_Ruback.

The criticism wasn’t just limited to Twitter - a flood of feedback also hit the show’s official website.

“What an absolute mess!”

“ITV what are you doing? Just lost another viewer.”

“OMG, what on earth have you done!”

“How are these changes better? Ah well, over to BBC breakfast.”

“Oh my 'gawd' AWFUL AWFUl AWFUL!”

Thankfully it wasn’t all bad...

Alison Hill said: “Come on people give them a chance. I know we don't like changes but they might prove us wrong.”

What do you think of the new look Daybreak?

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