Mrs Brown's Boys star tells of despair over £2.2m debt – Daily TV round-up

Brendan O'Carroll was saddled with the sum after a film project collapsed

'Mrs Brown's Boys' creator Brendan O'Carroll has told of his despair after he landed himself in £2.2 million worth of debt.

The writer and comedian says he hit rock bottom when a film project collapsed, after which he prayed to God to let him die.

Mrs Brown... O'Carroll talks of debt crisis (Copyright: BBC)

“It was the first time I’d felt depression like that,” he said. “I sat in my house with the curtains drawn for days, thinking, ‘God, just take me now. I’m f****d.’ I just could not see a way out of it. I was absolutely screwed.

“The thought of going back and starting from scratch after all that was devastating. I had no one to blame. I couldn’t point the finger at anybody. I was out in a desert - but I hadn’t been put there, I’d walked there myself.”

O'Carroll had borrowed the money in 1998 to make a film in Dublin about a boxer, but was saddled with the debt when a film company pulled out of the production.

But he says that once he got back to writing again, his fortunes turned around.

“Mrs Brown saved me because coming up with a play about her helped me to start paying the money back. I finally paid my debts off last year,” he said.

The BAFTA-winning BBC show has been a hit since it premiered in 2011, with nine million people tuning in to the Christmas Eve special. [The Sun]

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