Most-watched TV programmes of 2011 revealed

The most-watched television programmes of 2011 have been announced, with the Royal Wedding coming out as the un-surprising winner.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding was watched around the globe by an estimated 2 billion people and here it doubled the viewership of the ‘X Factor’ results show, which came second. in a list compiled by the TV Licensing company.

26.5 million viewers watched the wedding on BBC1 last April compared to the ITV talent show’s Sunday show which peaked at a viewership of 13.69 million.

The rest of the list is predictably made up of reality shows. ‘X-Factor’s Saturday show came third, with ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ fourth, the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ results show at fifth and ‘I’m a Celebrity’ at sixth.

‘Coronation Street’ is the most-watched scripted show, ahead of ‘Downton Abbey’ in ninth and ‘EastEnders’ in tenth with 11.42 million viewers.

Royal events have always attracted huge numbers. The Queen’s coronation 60 years ago was watched by 20 million, the weddings of Prince Charles to Lady Diana and Princess Anne to Mark Phillips were both watched by 28 million.

In previous years the lists have been largely the same, dominated by the big three reality shows. The only variation comes with live event television like the wedding or last year’s World Cup. Likewise Euro 2012 will likely make its mark on this year’s list.

1.    The Royal Wedding - 26.5
2.    The X Factor Results - 13.69
3.    The X Factor - 13.37
4.    Strictly Come Dancing - 13.34
5.    Britain’s Got Talent Result - 12.95
6.    I’m a Celebrity - 12.76
7.    Coronation Street - 12.76
8.    Britain’s Got Talent - 12.70
9.    Downton Abbey- 12.44
10.    EastEnders - 11.42