Morph to appear in new Aardman project – Daily TV round-up

Wallace and Gromit masterminds re-animate classic TV character

Plasticine TV star Morph is to return in a new online film from the Aardman animation studio.

Morph... back on the plasti-scene (Copyright: Aardman)

The film has been specially made to celebrate the 38th birthday of the arts and theatre company Forkbeard Fantasy.

The footage of the brown clay character shows how he, and a number of other Aardman characters, were created from 'secret ingredients and scientific wonder'.

It will be shown only via The Space (, a digital arts service that's been developed by the Arts Council and the BBC.

To find the short, you have to play through two online games.

Morph – and his more hectic friend Chaz – originally appeared in 1977 on BBC shows with artist Tony Hart, including 'Take Hart' and 'Hartbeat', and lived in a wooden pencil box.

Aardman, also the creators of Wallace and Gromit, celebrated Morph's 30th anniversary in 2007. [BBC]

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