This Morning: Do men find intelligent women a turn-off?

Is an intelligent woman intimidating to men?

17 September 2013: According to a recent study, men feel uncomfortable when they are outshone by their partners. These findings have resonated with writer Kate Mulvey, who believes she's still single at 50 because the men she has dated throughout her life have been intimidated by her intelligence and wit. Writer Martin Daubney thinks her ideas are outdated and that's insulting to say men don't find clever women attractive. Both he and Kate joined Phillip Schofield and Emma Willis in the ITV This Morning studios to talk about the subject.

Kate started by re-afirming her belief that men do not like to be challenged - and especially by women - because it makes them feel uncomfortable. She said that it was only fifty years ago that women were supposed to be submissive and only respond when spoken to and that she thinks men haven't evolved that much for it to change.

Phillip asked how this idea had affected her life? Kate recalled a story where she had recently been introduced to a man at a party who announced Kate to be opinionated - as a criticism. She added that she knew women of stature will always play the hair flicking game and keep their ideas to themselves so as not to upset a man.

She made the point that sometimes women are judged to be aggressive in a situation when a man would not be - for being assertive or strong. Kate talked for quite a bit to make her point which meant Phillip could interject to ask Martin Daubney what he thought - and he started by joking that perhaps it was difficult to get a word in edgeways with Kate. He said he found intelligent women very attractive and that his wife had a degree in Physchology and he loved to have a woman who was equal because it wasn't just looks that made a relationship.

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Martin suggested that perhaps it was an 'old man thing' to not like assertive women because he thought men of his generation did love women to be strong and that he didn't know a woman who never had the last say. .

Emma said that she'd asked her father and husband about the question of assertive women and that they had told Emma she always gets the last say.

Phllip asked if it was an age thing? Kate said that studies show that because men have been the economic providers that they feel inferior if the woman takes the stronger position as the provider.

The programme asked viewers to vote: Do men find intelligent women a turn-off. The results were that 57% of those who voted said no - they didn't find intelligent women a turn off.

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