This Morning: Katie Hopkins - Fat people can't be beautiful

Former 'Apprentice' contestant causes a stir on morning show

Today's episode of 'This Morning' featured an interview with Katie Hopkins, who appeared alongside a plus size model to discuss the issue of obesity. I must confess that I was not familiar with the professional motormouth, rent-a-quote that is Ms. Hopkins, but apparently she once appeared on that ideal platform for people who are in love with themselves, 'The Apprentice'.

Apparently, since Ms. Hopkins appeared on that vehicle for Alan Sugar's monstrous ego, she has garnered something of a media profile. Her own website rather optimistically describes her as a 'social commentator', although her brand of social commentary mostly seems to involve issuing forth a torrent of stupefyingly ill-informed authoritarian invective against the most vulnerable people in society, that even the Daily Mail would surely consider to be an embarrassing faux pas.

Thus, by simply typing Hopkins' name into a search engine, one can immediately see the response to her complaining about disabled people receiving benefit, not to mention a previous appearance on 'This Morning' in which she claimed that she would never a hire any overweight person. I'm sure they're all gutted.

Not satisfied with her previous attempts to condemn the corpulent, Hopkins today appeared on 'This Morning' again to discuss her assertion that it is impossible for fat people to beautiful. This comment had apparently been prompted by the news that the former pop star Alison Moyet had declared herself unhappy since slimming down from a size 22 to a size 10.

Hopkins was not satisfied with merely asserting that slim people cannot be attractive, and every single person in the country who can be considered overweight should be trying to lose weight immediately in order to comply with her preferred body image. As each one of her arguments was countered, she moved on to pretending that her concern with this matter was health-related - although it had entirely hinged previously on physical appearance - and then fell back on that last vestige of the defeated argument; "I'm a taxpayer, and I don't like having to pay for gastric bands...". You get the general idea.

While there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for anyone to take this halfwitted woman's views remotely seriously, the fact is that she is being allowed to express her opinion on national television, apparently quite regularly. There is no doubt that there are problems with obesity in virtually every nation that has a Western diet; that is just a fact. But if people believe that our obsession with being thin is due to any other reason than an immensely powerful advertising matrix which constantly bombards us with images of extremely thin women in particular, then they are completely delusional.

It has come to something when national television is willing to broadcast the views of a woman whose basic view is "I'm a taxpayer therefore I'm justified in bashing fat people for no good reason whatsoever". You have the right to do it, Ms. Hopkins, and I'll fully defend your right to do so. I'll also defend my right to call you an odious cretin.