Misfits: Show’s ‘best villain’ to return during final series

The psychotic video-game obsessed Tim will be back to cause trouble

Rumour has it that we're going to see the return of a former 'Misfits' character during the show's final series. We will apparently see more of a memorable character from the second series - video game fanatic Tim (Matt Cross).

Fans will remember that the original line-up of characters encountered Tim when picking up litter as a part of their community service on the estate. As the deranged character, who was styled to look like Grand Theft Auto 4's Niko, encountered the group they soon found themselves in danger as the storm made Tim believe he was in a real-life video game.

Nathan (Robert Sheehan) told Tim that Simon (Iwan Rheon) was "Conti" the character who double-crossed his alter-ego in the video game, driving him crazy and desperate for revenge. In his real-life game Kelly (Lauren Socha) took on the role of Roxy who supposedly left the character on his wedding day.

As Tim terrifyingly stalked the group around the estate, his actions had devastating consequences. The episode ended with Tim starting another level of his real-life game, leaving the group and attempting to break someone out of prison. It was later revealed through a newspaper clipping that he had been arrested for his actions.

We haven't seen Tim since his appearance during the fourth episode of the second series, but the antagonist still remains popular amongst fans. The character is also a favourite of the show's former stars Lauren Socha, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and Iwan Rheon, who named Tim their 'best villain' in a previous interview.

As we previously revealed, the next series will see Rudy's other self attending a support group for those struggling with their powers and apparently he'll meet Tim there. It will be interesting to see how the episode plays out as the current cast of characters were not a part of the show when Tim previously made an appearance, so they could quite easily find themselves unwittingly embroiled in his sinister games.

When the episode based on 'Grand Theft Auto' first aired, it was extremely well received in terms of its use of graphics, characters' powers and unpredictable twists. It was the first instance where the characters genuinely feared death once they were aware of their powers and could use their abilities to their advantage.

After a lacklustre fourth series, which was not on par with the show's previous high standard, the re-introduction of a previous character could be a great way to bring a spark back to the show. By the look of the recent trailers, the final series really could see the show return to its previous form.

With the possibility of a movie in the pipeline, 'Misfits' will undoubtedly have to pick up the standard to win back fans, but by the sound of what's to come, it's very likely we'll be hooked yet again when the show returns next week…

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