Millions switch off David Jason’s new comedy The Royal Bodyguard - Daily TV round-up

Sir David Jason’s new BBC sitcom, 'The Royal Bodyguard', is flunking in the ratings after just a few episodes, with over three million viewers switching off in a week.

The TV icon’s new show launched on Boxing Day to an audience of around eight million, however many switched off before the end.

Monday night’s episode saw the audience nearly halved with just 4.8 million tuning in to watch Jason in his new role as Captain Guy Hubble, an ex-guardsman who gets promoted to the Queen’s bodyguard.

These figures are in stark contrast to rival ITV’s ‘Inspector Morse’ spin-off ‘Endeavour’ which nabbed 7.4million viewers.

Viewers tweeted that the show was ‘dire’ and ‘irredeemably dreadful’, while others said they could ‘hardly bear to watch’.

The ‘Only Fools and Horses’ and ‘Frost’ legend, renowned for his character Del Boy, has even been slated in the new role by a show insider at the BBC.

They said ‘The Royal Bodyguard’ was unlikely to get a second series, adding 'It’s great to get Sir David back at the Beeb, but this was clearly the wrong project'. [Daily Mirror]

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