Michael C. Hall talks life after Dexter

Hall seems determined to move away from his serial killing past

Michael C. Hall has been the serial killing vigilante Dexter Morgan for eight series and is now looking forward to moving on from his time as the scalpel wielding anti-hero following the Season Eight finale. Hall discusses this and more on American talk show 'Conan'

Michael C. Hall opens up to talk show host Conan O'Brian about his past experiences with photo-shoots back in the 'Dexter' days. "I think I was a little too accommodating looking back," Hall says. "Too much blood on the face. But I think that's over now." The actor does have a point as he's been in many a 'Dexter' promotional image covered in all sorts of blood and gore and body parts, because obviously serial killers aren't averse to that kind of thing

Hall also speaks about some of the things he's had to do for members of the Dexter fandom when they approach him for photos, and that he will no longer do some of their requests, such as simulating murder. Although he's perhaps not ready to put his Dexter days behind him, as he does have an exception to the rule. "If somebody brings a prop I'll use it, but generally no. I'm not going to do that. I'll smile," Hall says.

Hall, who was on 'Conan' to promote his latest movie 'Kill Your Darlings' in which he stars alongside Dane DeHaan and Daniel Radcliffe was quick to suggest that his simulated murder ban couldn't be applied "There still might be simulated murder," Hall says. "Like in 'Kill Your Darlings.' There's a murder in that film."

He then goes on to praise Daniel Radcliffe saying "He's remarkably self-possessed and intelligent and talented for someone who's been famous since he was 11, He excites the masses. We were shooting outside an elementary school and the kids were pressed against the chain link fence chanting, 'Harry Potter! Harry Potter!' Before going on to quip about how children wouldn't recognise him from 'Dexter' unless they have bad parents.

Hall has been at the centre of Dexter spin-off rumours, but has said in another interview with Larry King that the possibility of him returning for a Dexter spin-off was "something that he couldn't even begin to think about, I've got to put some more distance between myself and Dexter before I try to wrap my mind around that possibility"

The distance he talks about seems to be coming across in the 'Conan' interview by shying away from blood-filled photo shoots and refusing to simulate murder for his fans. Perhaps Hall is determined to get distance as quickly as possible so that he can 'wrap his head' round that spin-off, although the spin-off rumours have definitely died down since the series finale. I certainly hope so!

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