Michael C. Hall reveals that playing serial killer Dexter Morgan for eight years has taken it's toll

The 'Dexter' and 'Six Feet Under' actor says no to serial killers in the future

Michael C. Hall has made a name for himself as the titular character in dark drama 'Dexter'. However, and quite understandably, he seems to have had enough of the challenging and intensive role and wants to do something different in the future.

I think it's important to start this by saying that Michael C. Hall is not a serial killer, or at least we don't know about it if he is. So naturally by having to play one for eight seasons, having to inhabit the mind of someone who is compulsively driven to kill there will be a mental weight on you. Hall has recently admitted that towards the end of 'Dexter' that the strain of having to embody someone so dark and murderous had taken its toll.

All of a sudden, it was driving me crazy that I was playing these scenes.It was like I was allowing myself to feel the full weight of what I'd been simulating because it was almost over."

After 'Dexter' Hall has undertaken several different projects, which are all varying in differences between themselves and his role as Dexter Morgan, but despite being mentally exhausted by the blood spatter analyst's penchant for death it's something he can't seem to shake off, even in his previous works.

Before 'Dexter' Michael C. Hall was a regular in 'Six Feet Under' as David Fisher, where he ran a funeral home. He was also in the film 'Gamer' as the villain orchestrating a world where gamers control real people. So as you can see death permeates Michael C. Hall's body of work.

Even his roles after 'Dexter' don't buck that trend. He's recently starred in beat generation film 'Kill Your Darlings' alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Dane Dehaan as David Kammerer, who gets murdered and his next film project 'Cold in July' is about a small town texan who kills a burglar in self defense.

Whilst the latter two films are more mundane examples of death in everyday life, expecially compared to death in 'Dexter' they are completely different in the way that they display death as a cn everyday societal norm and not an in an exaggerated world where a serial killing vigilante can exist.

Hall says so himself, admitting his decision to do 'Cold in July' was so that he could use it as "a way to visit murder from a more everyday perspective. I imagine it must be quite comforting to be in a film where someone has to live with the consequences of one accidental murder in self-defence for the rest of their lives when Dexter Morgan barely suffered any consequences for his swathe of murders.

So whilst it's clear in my mind at least that Michael C. Hall is Dexter Morgan it looks like the actor no longer wants to be. This is of course fair enough; you can't blame someone for wanting to move forward artistically and try different things which is exactly what Hall is doing. Plus, rumours about the Dexter spin-off seem to have all but disappeared so films like 'Cold in July' and 'Kill your Darlings' might be the only chance we get to see Hall in action and that's better than nothing! (Plus, 'Kill your Darlings' is actually a pretty decent film anyway, Harry Potter's in it!)

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