Matt Smith knows how Doctor Who ends

Matt Smith made the Time Lord revelation at Comic-Con 2013

'Doctor Who' fans are currently looking for any clues as to how Matt Smith's reign as the effervescent Time Lord is going to come to an end.

Well, apparently, all you to need to do is ask, because Smith has revealed, at the 2013 Comic-Con, that he knows how his tenure will cease, however he might have been joking.

Smith declared, "I feel like I already know how it ends. There's a golden light, open a TARDIS, put my arms out … and then I turn into a woman!" The little scamp.

Matt also stated that he doesn't know who the next Doctor is, telling IGN, "As far as I'm aware they're looking, or they're beginning to look and they've got quite a while until they need to decide. So I imagine it'll be someone fresh to be honest, but I really have no idea."

When he was asked who his ideal candidate would be, Smith coyly remarked, "I don't want to speculate too much. I feel like that's maybe not my place to. Whoever it is will be will be the right actor…or actress. Let's wait and see… who she is."

However, the 12th Doctor got visibly excited when discussing the possibilities of the character, bellowing, "It can be anyone, and that's the great thing about the part. If Helen Mirren did it or if, you know... there's so many female actresses who'd be amazing."

The upcoming star of Ryan Gosling's directorial debut, 'How To Catch A Monster,' continued, "He's an alien, or she's an alien, it doesn't matter. The doctor is a complete alien. It's why the notion of getting married or cooking scrambled eggs makes him say, 'What on earth are you doing?'

Smith also discussed John Hurt's upcoming performance in the 50th anniversary special, but failed to reveal if he was playing a version of the Doctor who regenerated in between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston.

"I couldn't possibly speculate as to what it'll do to the show," remarked Smith. "What I can tell you is, you're in for some serious revelations!"

How do you want the Doctor's Christmas special to come to an end?

Gregory Wakeman is a film journalist who has written for Total Film, The Guardian, Yahoo! and The Inquisitr