Masters Of Sex renewed for second season

Michelle Ashford has been discussing season 2 already

'Masters Of Sex' will return for a second season after the US network, Showtime, confirmed that they had ordered more episodes of the drama.

Michael Sheen, who stars as the show's lead character, William Masters, and Lizzy Caplan, who appears as his assistant, Virginia Johnson, are set to reprise their leading roles too.

Anyone who has access to the internet and has typed the above names into Wikipedia knows that there is still plenty more to examine in 'Masters Of Sex,' which has been roundly praised by critics because of its 1950s authenticity, audacious directing and writing style, and the delightful performances from Sheen, Caplan and the rest of the ensemble.

Currently, 'Masters Of Sex' is aired in a terrifically competitive spot across the pond, coming up against 'The Talking Dead,' which analyses that night's instalment of 'The Walking Dead', and 'Sunday Night Football', which pull in 14 million and 27 million viewers respectively. It's currently aired in the United Kingdom on Channel 4 on Tuesday nights.

Showtime appears to have kept the faith with the show because of the critical response, while it eventually musters around 5.4million views, when additional airings and recorded viewings are tallied.

Michelle Ashford has already been talking about 'Masters Of Sex's' return with the Hollywood Reporter.

When she was asked what her most difficult decision has been so far she commented, "How far forward in time to go. If you look at the story from beginning to end, it has some very definite milestones in it. If we just went on the big milestones, we would basically have a four-season show."

She then revealed that Showtime want to prolong the series, adding, "I think that in success, for business reasons, they want something longer than that, and so now we've had to think about how we would divide up the story if we make it longer than four seasons."

Are you glad that 'Masters Of Sex' has been renewed? Do you think it deserves to have been awarded a second season?

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