Man who fleeced Dragon’s Den panel is jailed – Daily TV Round-up

A conman who appeared on 'Dragon's Den' and fleeced Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis out of  £230,000 has been jailed.

The Dragon's Den 'dragons'

Jean-Claude Baumgartner was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison after he spent the millionaire businessmen's investment on a luxury lifestyle.

The cash had been given to him on the show in 2009 to develop a satnav for skiers called the Satski, for which he claimed he had sole ownership.

But he had provided false information to the pair, and instead rented a house in Hampstead in London and gave money to his girlfriend.

He had claimed that the business failed because the 'Dragon's Den' pair did not give him the expertise they promised, but then changed his plea to guilty meaning that Jones and Paphitis did not have to appear in court and give evidence.

Judge Aidan Marron QC said: “You lied about the ownership of equipment which was pivotal to your pitch on TV. You created a false trail of documents to deceive well-intentioned people.” [The Sun]

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