Lord Sugar and Donald Trump clash on Twitter – Daily TV round-up

The wealthy pair kick off over wind turbines in Scotland

Lord Sugar and Donald Trump have sensationally locked horns on Twitter in an extended and heated argument.

Sugar and Trump... Apprentice stars clash on Twitter (Copyright: Rex)

The hosts of the UK and US versions of 'The Apprentice' began to clash over Trump's criticism of wind turbine expansion in Scotland, where he has a controversial golf course development on the Aberdeenshire coast.

But Sugar took exception to US businessman Trump's complaints, telling him so in no uncertain terms.

“How can George Osborne reduce UK debt while spending billions to subsidize Scotland's garbage wind turbines that are destroying the country?You're all wrong―check the facts! UK is massively subsidizing Scotland's wind turbines & the people don't want them,” said Trump

Sugar was quick to leap on the remark, saying: “Scottish don't want wind turbines........I think you have that wrong. The Scottish don't want you!”

The row soon got heated, with the pair then moving on to their shared TV show.

“If you think ugly windmills are good for Scotland you are an even worse businessman than I thought...... and, in my opinion, should not be doing The Apprentice,” said Trump.

“Well you have NO SAY in that. The British like me not you...the ugly windmills will bring more revenue and green power to Scotland than your golf project,” replied Sugar.

Trump, an executive producer of the US version of 'The Apprentice', then began citing his ownership of the brand.

“Sugar - unlike you, I own The Apprentice. You were never successful enough...... to do The Apprentice but I approved you anyway. Without my show you'd be nothing!” said Trump.

“You approved me! What a load of rubbish dream on You don't own apprentice Mark Burnett does. Shut up and argue with Obama. success is measured with what you have in business.I own all my real estate with no bank borrowing how about you big shot?” added Sugar.

“When I made The Apprentice the #1 show in the US, that was a good day for you...... and many others. Drop to your knees, Sugar, and say thank you, Mr. Trump,” said Trump.

Even Piers Morgan, who often takes on Sugar on the site, decided to chime in, siding with Trump.

“Don't wish to interfere obviously @realDonaldTrump - but it may be time to fire @Lord_Sugar from YOUR show for his impertinence?” he said.

The argument continued. “@piersmorgan @Lord_Sugar I easily could but as long as Sugar is making me money (it's my show) I won't--unlike Sugar, I'm not stupid!” said Trump.

“@realDonaldTrump @piersmorgan you are full of sh.. Trump you have no power over the UK Apprentice, just like the Scottish people,” replied Sugar.

“Dopey @Lord_Sugar―Look in the mirror and thank the real Lord that Donald Trump exists. You are nothing!” said Trump.

Trump made his money in real estate, but was born to a wealthy family, unlike Sugar who made his fortune by starting his own businesses in east London.

Trump's fortune is thought to be around £1.93 billion, compared to Sugar's £770 million. [Digital Spy/Daily Mail]

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