Ken Barlow's ex-lover Wendy Crozier returning to Coronation Street

Wendy Crozier, ex-lover of 'Coronation Street's Ken Barlow, is set to make a shock return to Weatherfield.

Shock return: Wendy Crozier is on her way back to Coronation Street (Copyright: Rex)

Actress Roberta Kerr is returning to the ITV soap as the woman who led to Ken and Deirdre's first divorce back in the 80s.

'Coronation Street' fans will remember that Ken embarked on an effair with his colleague Wendy Crozier back in 1989. He ended up leaving wife Deirdre for the new woman but later regretted his decision.

In scenes to be shown over the coming months, Ken will meet Wendy again when he finds himself running against her for the role of school governor.

The pair hit it off straight away, but will it lead to yet another affair for the Street's lothario? With Ken deciding against telling Deirdre about Wendy's return, it looks as if he could be up to his old tricks again.

Speaking about Wendy Crozier's return, 'Coronation Street' producer Phil Collinson said: "Ken's affair with Wendy was one of 'Coronation Street's defining stories during the 80's.

"Viewers were on the edge of their seats as they watched the disintegration of The Barlows' marriage and over 20 years later I hope they will be again. I'm delighted to welcome Roberta back as Wendy and can assure viewers that her reunion with Ken will be one of many must see storylines this summer'"

'Coronation Street' viewers will see Wendy Crozier return later in the year.