Keith Allen to take drugs on live TV – Daily TV round-up

Keith Allen is set to take drugs on live TV as part of an experimental Channel 4 show, according to reports.

Lily Allen's dad is said to be among a number of celebrities who have signed up for 'Drugs Live', which will assess and monitor the ways in which drugs affect people.

Keith Allen pulling his most dramatic pose (Credit: PA)

A source told The Sun that 'Keith has a history of drug use and knows very well the highs and lows'.

“He agreed to take part because he thinks Channel 4's show is an important forum for looking at what it means to take drugs - and the effects they have,” they added.

“He can't wait to get stuck in. Who knows what might happen?”

The show will feature people taking drugs including ecstasy and cocaine in a clinical environment and under medical supervision.

Members of the clergy, policemen and politicians are also reportedly among those who may take part in the show.

Channel 4's specialist factual commissioning editor David Glover said: “Viewers will be able to see for themselves the actual effects the drugs have in scientific detail.

“We will work closely with the leading research institutes from across the world. The aim is to bring new clarity to the facts of illegal drug use.” [The Sun]

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