Jessica-Jane leaves the 'I'm A Celebrity' jungle

Jessica-Jane's jungle jaunt is over, as she was voted from 'I'm A Celebrity' after 17 days in camp.

On hearing the results of the public vote, the presenter, model and 'camp divvy' immediately started shouting for her fiance, celebrity hair dresser Lee Stafford.

In her exit interview with Ant & Dec, she said she thought she would walk after the first two days on the show.

“I just couldn't hack it, it was so overwhelming, and I was getting emotional and missing my mum,” she said. “I kept it inside, but when Freddie (Starr) arrived, he calmed me down a bit.”

Of her friendship with jockey Willie Carson, she added: “I love Willie. You can say anything to him, and he will accept you for who you are. Even if he doesn't have a clue what you're talking about, he tries his best.

“And I loved listening to his stories. I just felt so comfortable around him. He made me so comfortable in camp.”

Elsewhere, he might be daft as a brush, but Mark Wright is who you want on your team when you've got a physical challenge at hand.

He smashed the 'Pits of Peril' Bushtucker Trial, coming home with the maximum number of stars for the camp, after which he stripped naked for a wash in the pool in front of Emily. It was a saucy moment.

Meanwhile, Antony had a bit of a benny over the treachery task with Dougie, and disappeared off to be alone.

In the Bush Telegraph, he got a bit emotional over the pressure of the task, particularly as he wanted to get Mark a message from his mum as the prize. He was also miffed at his spat with Fatima after she told him to stop swearing all the time.

Luckily, after he'd gone native for half an hour to get away from everyone, he returned to begin his treachery with Dougie, which involved hiding towels and dirtying washing.

And he got a big hammock cuddle from Mark too. They always make things better, don't they Ant...