Jeremy Kyle recovering from testicular cancer – Daily TV round-up

Talk show host discovered a 'toxic tumour' just before Christmas

Jeremy Kyle is recovering from treatment for testicular cancer, according to reports.

The 47-year-old talk show host was diagnosed with a 'toxic' tumour just before Christmas when he found a lump after travelling back from presenting his show in the US.

Kyle... recovering from cancer therapy (Copyright: Rex)

He has since had surgery and chemotherapy, and is now recovering.

A friend told The Sun that the experience had 'hit him for six. He’s relatively young and this was the last thing he expected to happen to him'.

“Just by chance he noticed he had a lump and decided to get it checked out. When the doctors told him it was toxic it turned his family’s life upside down,” they continued.

“Jeremy’s a very positive guy and he has followed medical advice so hopefully he’s stopped it in its tracks. He’s having a good break now and getting a bit of sunshine to lift his spirits. He hopes to be back filming his show soon. He won’t let this beat him.”

A spokesperson for Kyle, a father of four, confirmed the news, saying: “Jeremy has recently undergone treatment for testicular cancer and is currently resting abroad.”

Around 2,100 men are diagnosed with the treatable cancer every year, with early diagnosis survival rates are around 97%. [The Sun]

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