Interview: Coronation Street’s Craig Charles (Lloyd Mullaney)

There’s a bit of a shock in store for ‘Coronation Street’s Lloyd after he runs into old flame Mandy during a night out. Our soap expert Jon Horsley caught up with actor Craig Charles, who plays Lloyd, to find out ‘Who’s the daddy?’…

Daddy cool: Lloyd's in for a shock in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Where does Lloyd bump into Mandy?
Lloyd runs into Mandy, who he had a fling with 30 years ago,at a funk night in Oldham and he thinks they are having a really great night. They get on really well, just like they did all those years ago. It’s a real blast from the past.
What memories does he have of their friendship?
He just remembers having a lot of fun together, it was only a fling but they did used to see a lot of each other through going to the same clubs, gigs and parties.

So he wants to go out with her again?
Lloyd has found out that her husband has passed away and that they are both single so he cannot see any harm in it. He is very taken aback when she is not as keen as he is and does her best to keep him at arm’s length.

How does he feel when she gives him the brush-off?
He is really disappointed and can’t understand why this is the case. He is really confused by her actions. He really does wonder why she is behaving towards him in this way.He just can’t get her out of his head and is moping about quite a lot, so being a chancer he decides to call round to her house one last time to see if he can talk her around into having another date with him.

What does Lloyd think when a young woman opens the door and says that Mandy is her mum?
He finds it really weird because Mandy had said she had no children.  This really throws Lloyd and the fact Mandy has lied to him makes him really suspicious. He starts to do a bit of mental arithmetic and he soon puts two and two together. He convinces himself that Jenna could be his daughter. Jenna really looks like his mum and his cousin Grace. So al these things start to make sense in Lloyd’s head.

My girl: Lloyd comes face to face with his daughter (Credit: ITV)

How does Mandy react when Lloyd asks Mandy if Jenna is his?
It all comes out - Jenna is indeed Lloyd’s daughter. The only people who knew it were Mandy and her dead husband Johnny. Lloyd and Jenna have been completely kept in the dark. Johnny knew all about it but had decided, despite her fling with Lloyd, that he still loved Mandy and that he would raise Jenna as his own. They then moved away to Nottingham for nearly 30 years and have only returned to the area because Johnny has passed away.

How does Lloyd feel?
It is a really bittersweet moment for him. He is both excited and nervous all at the same time. He might have a 28-year-old daughter and he is really excited by this but on the flipside he has missed out on so much of her life. He is devastated that he has been cheated out of being a father for so long. He has missed her growing up, teaching her to ride a bike, teaching her to swim; he has missed her going to school and university. So there is a lot of regret on his part but also a lot of excitement about what yet might be to come.

Does he understand why Jenna is initially angry about the situation?
He definitely understands her anger, Lloyd is angry about it as well. If you find out 28 years into your life that your biological father turns out not to be your dad it is a big shock. Your mum and dad have lied to you for so long.  Anyone would feel a bit cheated.

What kind of dad would he make?
I have always joked that Lloyd would make a great Agony Aunt. He is a good listener, a good friend and is very loyal. He is a bit of brick for people to rely on. He would be a great dad.
Is it good to have Lloyd and Steve back together again?
It is brilliant. Simon is one of the guys that I just love working with. I really enjoyed the scenes when they brought Lloyd back to the street, the whole school sports day debacle with Steve and Lloyd being sent to the headmasters office was so much fun to film. I love little silly cab office scenes where they might be sat together playing a game of I Spy.
Is there happiness or heartbreak ahead for Lloyd?
Who knows? You will have to wait and see, although I think he deserves a little bit of happiness, he has had a rough time of it.
What advice would you give him?
I would tell him to take it easy, don’t be too pushy, let Jenna take her time, don’t try and replace Johnny and just always be there for her. And let her come to you. Now would Lloyd listen to any of that good advice? I don’t think so.

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