Interview - Emmerdale's Laura Norton

Amy's mum Kerry burst onto the scene in ‘Emmerdale’ last week after the pair were reunited in a drinking session. But even though Amy made it clear she didn't want to know anything about the mother who abandoned her so long ago, Kerry is still hanging around in the Dales. And she might be here for some time to come – particularly after she ends up in hospital. Our soap expert Jon Horsley had a word with Laura Norton, who plays her about her arrival in the soap.

What kind of person is Kerry?
She's complicated, vulnerable and childlike. You come to see pretty quickly that Amy is the grown-up one and Kerry is complicated and damaged. She's just desperate for some love. She wants a relationship. She felt that she was doing everything she could to keep Amy [when she was young]. Really, she made some terrible decisions that weren't right at all.

So she wants to just get back to being a mum again?
She sees meeting Amy as a chance to have an instant relationship with the daughter she's not seen for years.  She wants to be friends now and move on and Amy can't do that. Amy can't get the answers she wants from Kerry. Kerry just wants to be mates. She doesn't want to face up to the fact that she made the terrible mistakes that lost her daughter

But they end up together when Kerry ends up in hospital?
She had a night out on the drink and she's diabetic and she can't just have a drink, she has to have a lot. She then completely lies about how serious it is using it as an opportunity to get closer to Amy. She embellishes the story and pretends she's on her deathbed. But Amy shows up and catches her having a fag outside!

How does she react when she's caught?
Well, like I say, she's childish. She's all ‘poor me’ and lies so quickly as if it's not her fault she needs a fag. She's manipulative without even meaning to be.

But Amy softens a bit?
Amy agrees to her staying on at the B&B for a while and Kerry is over the moon. It comes about because at the bus stop she tells Amy she's going to do the right thing and leave her alone. But really, even that is a tactic. I don't think she realises it is, but it is. Everything she says she believes is true. She's not a liar like that. She's so selfish that it is all about her.

But then, as ever, Cain is involved.
There are a few visits to the pub and Kerry's desperate to be with a man. She wants to be loved by a man. As soon as she sees him, she makes a beeline for Cain and Amy storms out. That opens a whole new can of worms. Amy tells her about the baby and this is one of the moments where Kerry realises that her bad decisions have led to Amy being troubled as well. She hates to hear it though, because she's so scared of facing the truth about what she did. She papers over the cracks because she'd just unravel if she looked back at what she'd done. She doesn't want to entertain it.

But she'll be around for a while yet then?

She's got her feet under the carpet. I don't know what it would take to get rid of her. But there's going to be some bumps along the way.

And how are you enjoying being on the show?
I am over the moon. It's a dream come true. I love it.

‘Emmerdale’ is on ITV1, weekday evenings